Circle: 岸田教団 & THE明星ロケッツ
Arrange: 岸田 (Kishida)
Vocal: ichigo
Album: hack/SLASH
Original Arrangement

uhm..i’m finally back after a week of laziness ^^
All that is missing from hack/SLASH are now 夜空に沈む, Hack&Slash, structure and FF. I’ll say this again, i do not have lyrics for qualia but as soon as i find them, i’ll translate it.

*存在意義: also “meaning of life” =” raison d’être
人の在りようくらい自分で決めていいだろ: ~”rather than having some role models decide for me, i want to decide for myself”
*後出し : actually  後出 is “koushutsu”, but somehow 後出し is read as “atodashi”

hito no ari you kurai jibun de kimete ii daro
tanin no jooku wo honki ni suru dake muda da ze

rather than people’s role models i want to decide for myself
just taking other’s jokes seriously is pointless after all

君の哲学のSlashbeat 刻むように叫べ
kimi no tetsugaku no Slashbeat kizamu you ni sakebe
daitai attereba ii no sa

come on and scream to set your philososphy’s slashbeat
it’d be nice if it happened at all

kotoba dake de sukuwareru toka
boku wa shinjiru ki ga shinai kara

and i can be saved through words alone
because i have no interest in believing

高速のFeeling くだらないStoryLine
完全なTricky 思い出し笑いさ
kousoku no Feeling kudaranai StoryLine
dainashi ni shitara mashi ni naru kamo ne
kanzen na Tricky omoidashi warai sa
tanoshikunai koto wo suru ki wa nai

this fleeting feeling and the crappy story line
it might be better if i just mess it all up
completely tricky, i remember the laughter
i don’t feel like doing something boring

無駄なことってのは 生命の冗長性さ
muda na koto tte no wa seimei no jouchousei sa
fuhitsuyou demo an’i ni kirisutete wa ikenai
nante iiwake wo maniukerun ja nai ze
hanbun wa hontou nanda kedo

useless things are life’s redundancy
it’s unnecessary but i can’t throw away my carelessness
and i can’t take your excuses seriously anymore
because only half of them are true

tekitou na koto wo itteru dake de
ki ga hareru mon sa

only saying reasonable things
is what makes me liven up

真剣なDistance 無意味なpapercut
完璧なTricky どうでもいいね
shinken na Distance muimi na papercut
anshin saseru you ja mada dame da ne
kanpeki na Tricky dou demo ii ne
sonzai igi ni mo iroiro aru no sa

the serious distance, a meaningless papercut
it’s way too early to rest at ease just yet
absolutely tricky, but i don’t give a damn
my raison d’être is versatile after all

shinyou ga nai kurai wa betsu ni ii
taisetsu na koto wo wasurenai you ni

i don’t have much trust in you, but whatever
i cannot lose sight of what’s important to me

逆説のreliance 反証のreliable
完全なTricky 後出しでもいいさ
gyakusetsu no reliance hanshou no reliable
kasaneawasete iru neko no you ni
kanzen na Tricky atodashi demo ii sa
imi nante wakaranakute mo ii
saisho kara mokuteki suranai kara

paradox reliance, counter-evidence reliable
it is blending in just like a cat
completely tricky, a late explanation but that’s okay
it’s fine even if you don’t understand its meaning
because it didn’t have a purpose from the beginning

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