Dawn has come –

I resign myself to parting:

why then must thoughts

I can’t find words for

cling to my heart ?

-Fujiwara no Kunitsune

My name is enoai, but call me noa ~
I’m an amateur translator; i translate japanese songs (mostly Vocaloid-related or from Touhou).

About me:
There isn’t much to say about myself really but i do hope you, who stumbled upon this blog, will enjoy reading this!
I am currently studying linguistics at a small university somewhere in Europe. My Japanese is self-taught, I started learning it when i was 15 years old if I remember correctly.
In my free time, I enjoy drawing, listening to music and meeting my friends. My mother language is neither english nor japanese so please excuse my mistakes :)

If you want a song translated, tell me and i see what i can do ;) It would be much appreciated if you can find the kanji lyrics along with it.

To do List (Update 10.May 2016):
– AmaterasRecords:  Key Concept
– Kishida Kyoudan: Hack/SLASH Album

I am looking for lyrics to these songs
– Silent Difference : Vengeance From Dark
– Banquet of under the cherry blossom (Album)
– スパイラル小町 (Spiral Komachi): 絶唱Warrior
– A-HEAD : 選んだ話


i like rain. the sound, the scent, the sight.
not that i don’t like the sun. both are essential to us. both make the earth bloom.
and when sun and rain collide, you can see a rainbow *~…

I do not own anything on this site. Everything belongs to their respective owners.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Howdy! I see you’re pretty new to translating as well. I’d like to give you some advice though.

    You should put down the kanji along with the romaji and translation. A number of people seem to find posts through search engines by searching up little snippets of the original lyrics. Gotta expand your target audience! It’d also make it easier for others to potentially point out mistakes, such as typoes in the romaji. Good luck!

    • Hi!
      Thanks a bunch for the advice. I do see your point but i think it’s hard to find the kanji (especially for the touhou songs); i guess they’re written in the booklets which i unfortunately also don’t have. Regarding the the Vocaloid songs i’ll put them up soon :)

  2. I just wanted to throw you an extremely belated welcome into the circle of Touhou translators, and to answer your comment from a while back, yes! Feel free to ask me anything at anytime. I’m most responsive on Twitter. I also have a booklet database for Touhou music if you ever need help with that!

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