Flight of the Bamboo Cutter


Flight of the Bamboo Cutter

Title: 竹取飛翔 (taketori hishou – Flight of the Bamboo Cutter)
Circle: 岸田教団 & THE明星ロケッツ (Kishida Kyoudan & THE Akeboshi Rockets) / studioK2
Arrange: 岸田 (Kishida)
Vocal: ichigo

Reitaisai 7

東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night
竹取飛翔 ~ Lunatic Princess , Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess, Kaguya Houraisan’s Theme

Here is the Kishida song i promised. Nothing much to say as always, except that uni is stressing me like hell and ugh, so much work in so little time  -.-
Might take me a while to answer comments or finish requests, sorry about that!

*引き寄せられる: this literally means “to be drawn to sth”, which is probably referring to the water tide/ the crashing waves but “float” (in the water) is shorter so i went with that
*夜光虫: is “yakouchuu”, meaning ~’night light bug’ and officially called noctiluca scintillans (also known as sea sparkle). even though they’re not really bugs, rather some kind of jellyfish that glow in the dark. for a more scientific explanation, please try wikipedia, i’m no expert :D this also means that they are not able to “fly”, but rather drift in the sea

求める先が たとえ暗闇だとしても
明日さえいらない 君がいてくれるなら
motomeru saki ga tatoe kurayami da to shite mo
ashita sae iranai kimi ga ite kureru nara

even if what i’m longing for is complete darkness
i don’t need a tomorrow as long as you’re here with me

夢と呼ぶには 儚いひとしずくだけれど
居場所などいらない 君がいてくれるなら

yume to yobu ni wa hakanai hitoshizuku dakeredo
ibasho nado iranai kimi ga ite kureru nara

if i were to name my dreams, they’re but fleeting droplets
i don’t need a place to belong as long as you’re here with me

砕かせないで 君の永遠で
korogari ochiru semete kono te wo
hanasanaide to negau koto mo
yurusarenu nara semete kono mi wo
kudakasenaide kimi no towa de

dropping down and falling, at least
please don’t let go of my hand
and if that’s unforgivable, then at least
please don’t let my body break within your eternity

戯れの仕草で 引き寄せられる夜光虫
戯れの予感で 引き寄せられる夜光虫
tawamure no shigusa de hikiyoserareru yakouchuu
eien ga hoshii to tonde
tawamure no yokan de hikiyoserareru yakouchuu
utsukushiki yozora ni tonde

with a funny gesture, the noctiluca float up and down
wishing for eternity as they fly
with a funny notion the noctiluca float up and down
drifting into the beautiful night sky

抑圧の先 それが解放だとしても
自由などいらない 君がいてくれるから
yokuatsu no saki sore ga kaihou da to shite mo
jiyuu nado iranai kimi ga ite kurerukara

if the end of oppression means i’ll be liberated
i don’t need freedom as long as you’re here with me

朽ち果てるまで ずっと
onaji jikan wo kazoeru hibi wo
yugande miteru mabuta no mukou
yurusareru nara dou ka kono mi ga
kuchihateru made zutto

behind my eyelids, i twistedly see
the days when i counted the same hours over and over
if i can be forgiven then please
stay with me until this body decays

戯れの仕草で 引き寄せられる夜光虫
戯れの予感で 引き寄せられる夜光虫
tawamure no shigusa de hikiyoserareru yakouchuu
eien ga hoshii to tonde
tawamure no yokan de hikiyoserareru yakouchuu
utsukushiki yozora ni tonde

with a funny gesture, the noctiluca float up and down
wishing for eternity as they fly
with a funny notion the noctiluca float up and down
drifting into the beautiful night sky

また 夜がはじまる
千年 繰り返し
mata yoru ga hajimaru
sennen kurikaeshi

another night begins
and a thousand years repeat

誓う貴女に 募る想い 捧ぐ貴女に
chikau anata ni tsunoru omoi sasagu anata ni

to you i vow, to you, i give these treasured feelings


Shadow Ciranda


Shadow Ciranda

Circle: Last Dream
Vocal: Milkychan
Lyrics: Milkychan
Arrangement: Milkychan

妖魔夜行 – Apparitions Stalk the Night , Rumia’s Theme
東方紅魔郷 ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Requested by mrnym675.

Took a while, university is flooding me with homeworks, sorry ’bout that! I’ll probably upload two more translations before exams start in July :)
Enjoy ~

*ciranda is a brasilian circle dance, where the dancers (usually children) take each other’s hands and dance around in a circle (much like the japanese kagome)

In den Abgrund herab
Ich stürze, sehe kein Licht
Alles was ich noch hab
reicht meiner Seele doch nicht

down into the abyss
i’m falling, don’t see a glimpse of light
everything that i own
wouldn’t satisfy my soul at all

In dem Schatten der Zeit
Ich lache, weine doch mein Schrei bricht
Doch bald bin ich bereit
Ich zeig mein eigenes Ich, denn

within the shadows of time
i laugh, i cry, but my screams become silent
but soon i will be ready
i’ll show my true self because

Bald ist es vorbei, ich steh wieder auf
Doch noch lachen sie
Nehm all meine Kraft, denn jetzt will ich stärker sein!

soon it’s all over, i’ll pick myself up again
even if they’re still laughing
i gather all my strength because now i want to become stronger!

Und sie tanzen mit mir Kreis,
lachen lauter um meinen Schrei,
doch ich weiß…
Gelächter wird ihnen schon bald vergehn!
Ihren Tanz den brech ich
mit ‘nem Lachen auf dem Gesicht
denn ich weiß…
Diesen Ciranda übernehme schließlich ich!

and they’re dancing in circles with me
laughing at my screams
but i know…
that soon their laughter will cease!
I’ll break off their dance
with a smile on my face
because i know…
I’m the one who will take over this ciranda!

Breche auf in den Kampf,
den mein Schatten immer gewann,
doch es reicht…
Denn auch sein Lächeln wird als letztes gehn!
Zieh mein Schwert aus dem Herz,
das mir jede Hoffnung verwehrt
Ja, es reicht! Ich bin bereit!

i’ll set off for the battle
that my shadow has always won
but it’ s enough now…
because even its smile will fade last of all
pull my sword out of the heart
that denied me all hope
yes, it’s enough! i’m ready!

Steig die Treppen hinab
Die Welt über mir, sie bricht nieder
Doch es nimmt seinen Lauf
Zurückgehn werde ich nie wieder

i descend the stairs
while the world above me is crumbling
but everything takes its course
and i will never go back again




Circle: Last Dream
Vocal: Un3h
Lyrics: Yunyunsae (Takamachi Walk)
Arrangement: Yunyunsae (Takamachi Walk)

矢鴇つかさ – Necro Fantasia , Yukari Yakumo’s Theme
東方妖々夢 〜 Perfect Cherry Blossom

Requested by mrnym675.
This must be one of the most depressing songs i ever got to translate :(
nothing else to say this time, next song is probably another Kishida arrange!

iyana owari
boku wo yogoreteku
asa no mukou ni
ha koufukuna shi

this loathsome ending
still stains me
on the other side of tomorrow
there is my blissful death

nan’nen buri de sagashiteta
somosomo nani wo motomeru no?
tokei no kizamu ga
dare mo kiite inai?

how many years have i spent searching?
what am i longing for in the first place?
time passes but
is anybody even listening?

kokoro no naka de
tojikometa nikushimi ha
sasayaite iru no

the hatred
locked up in the depths of my heart
whispers to me


‘kill me’

kitanai te
subete wo yogoreru
dare mo sukuwarenai
iyana mirai

this dirtied hand
defiles everything
nobody can save
this loathsome future

nando mo kurikaesu
nando mo mitakunai
boku ha sasayaita
‘onegai tasukete’

repeating endlessly
i don’t want to see this anymore
so i whispered
‘please save me’


Free me from here

kokoro no naka de
kono kanashimi wo korosu

and so i kill
the sadness that
has been locked up inside my heart


My heart is dead

anata wo ou
soredake ha boku no kokoro wo sukuwareru mono

i will follow you
that’s the only thing that can salvage my heart now

nikushimi ha kokoro ni sasayaite iru no

again and again
this hatred whispers to my heart
‘kill me`

kitanai te
subete wo yogoreru
dare mo sukuwarenai
iyana mirai

this dirtied hand
defiles everything
nobody can save
this loathsome future




Circle: Last Dream
Vocal: Lefpa
Lyrics: milkychan
Arrangement: crescentia
恋色マスタースパーク – Love-colored Master Spark , Marisa Kirisame’s Theme / 不思議の国のアリス – Alice in Wonderland , Extra Stage Theme

東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night / 怪綺談 ~ Mystic Square

Requested by mrnym675
Sooo this is the first time i translated a german song into english, i hope i didn’t mess it up completely … I’m open for complaints from fellow german translators! :)
If the composer want this to be taken down, i will do so of course.

* Träume sehen mein Herz in der Einsamkeit: slighty ambiguous word order, but i think i got this right

Träume sehen mein Herz in der Einsamkeit
Wo bist du hin? Ich suche nur nach einer Spur

my heart is dreaming in this loneliness
where did you go? I’m only looking for a trace

Bücher zeigen das Bild dieses Wunderlands
Was ist geschehn? Ich sehne mich nach deinem Licht

books show me the picture of this wonderland
what happened? I’m longing for your light

Wohin soll ich gehn?
Und was wünsch ich mir?
Wo ist der Weg hin, hin zu dir?
Nur der eine Pfad ohne Wiederkehr
Doch ich suche noch weiter, für dich

where should i go?
what am i yearning for?
where is the trail that will lead me to you?
a path with no return is all there is
but i keep searching, for your sake

Tage, Wochen und Jahre gehn mit der Zeit
War es denn das, hast du das so immer gewollt?

Days, weeks and years elapse
is that it? Is that what you always wanted?

Lächle, doch bricht mein Herz an der Einsamkeit
Ich wollt es auch, doch war dieser Weg doch nur dein

smiling, and yet this loneliness breaks down my heart
i wanted it too, but this path was yours alone

Was soll ich jetzt tun?
Wonach suche ich?
Denn kein Buch dieser Welt führt zurück zu dir
Und ich frage mich, siehst dus’ auch wie ich?
Ich sing mein Lied nur für dich…

what should i do now?
what am i searching for?
in this world there is no book that could ever lead me back to you
and i ask myself,  ‘do you think the same?’
i’m singing my song for you only

Ich schau auf zu dir
Suchst du auch nach mir?
Ich warte für alle Zeit

i look up to you
are you looking for me too?
i’ll wait for all eternity

A Starry Sky’s Bouquet


星空の花束 (A Starry Sky’s Bouquet)

Title: 星空の花束 (hoshizora no hanataba) – A Starry Sky’s Bouquet
Circle: Yonder Voice
Lyrics: 蒼羅杏
Vocals: 瑶山百霊
Album: 雪幻ティルナノーグ
Comiket 89
Original Arrangement, Ending of the Touhou Doujin Anime 秘封活動記録~ The Sealed Esoteric History -月-

Requested by Eiki.

*木漏れ日(komorebi): is “sunlight that shines through leaves”, for example in a forest on a sunny day
*宝石箱の星空がある: “there is a starry sky like a jewel case” means that the stars are shining and sparkling
*青いカーネーション: the blue carnation? the blue carnations?


nobashita watashi no te ga
shinryoku no sukima wo surinuketeku
komorebi no iro ni tokeru
kimi no kage ni naita

my outstretched hand
slips through the gaps of this greenery
and melts into the sunlight that shines through
as i cried to your shadow


…sonna yume wo mita
tooku no tawaa wo nagametara
kimi wa tada “koko ni iru yo” to
itsumo no you ni waratta

dreaming a dream like that
while looking at the distant tower
you whispered to me “i’m still here“
and smiled like always


ato dore kurai kimi to issho ni irareru?
tsunaida te ga nazeka setsunakute
monogatari wo tsuzuru hito ga iru no nara
nee, oshiete

how long must i wait before i can be with you again?
Somehow my hand is lonely without yours
if there is someone who can continue this story
please… tell me


ichiban kurai yoru no hate ni wa
housekibako no hoshizora ga aru
gensou no umi wo oyoide ikou
futari doko made mo

at the end of the darkest night
there is starry sky like a jewel case
let’s go swimming in a sea of illusions
together, wherever to


ookina shibafu ni
nekorogatte iki wo suikomu
wasurerarenai omoide wa
konna sasai na shiawase

in these vast fields
we lay down and just breathe
these memories i just can’t forget
make up all of my petty happiness


watashitachi no sekai wa itsumo semakute
dakara kimi ga ireba sore de ii
mukougawa no genfuukei wo egaite

our world has always been so lonely
that’s why when you are here, it’s all i need
i paint the primeval landscape of the other side
and start walking


shizuka ni yoru no tobari ga agari
aoi kaaneeshon ga yurete iru
machiawase basho no yawaraka na asa
kimi ni hanataba wo

silently, the curtain of the night rises
the blue carnation are swaying softly
and in the tender morning i’ll be at our meeting spot
to hand you this bouquet

Syrufit – Empty Fate


Empty Fate

Circle: Studio “Syrup Comfiture”
Lyrics: Ayakura Mei (綾倉盟)
Arrange: Syrufit, Poplica*
Vocals: Ayakura Mei (綾倉盟)
Album: Love Buzz!  (Reitaisai 7)

千年幻想郷 ~ History of the Moon / Gensokyo Millennium ~ History of the Moon
東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night, Eirin Yagokoro’s Theme

Haven’t posted anything lately, i know, i apologize about that.
But the good news is i passed my university exams. Yay me! Anyways, enjoy this Syrufit song, i’ll try to work on another translation next week ^-^

*想い: actually “omoi” is “memories”, but i just thought that “emotions” would fit better
*凛々しく: i had to look this up in my dictionary but i only got 凛々(“rinrin”), however i think Mei sings “rinshiku”, not “rinrinshiku”
*あの郷: this is supposed to be read as “gou” or “kyo” (lit. ‘homeland, place of birth’, i shortened it to ‘place’), if i’m not mistaken it’s sung as(“kuni” – homeland) though
*何処: written as “izuko”

雲ひとつない星空 想い馳せる
いつかの小さな手は この手を離れ
今宵は月が綺麗で 想い過る
もし他の運命を 選んだのな
kumo hitotsu nai hoshizora omoi haseru
itsuka no chiisana te wa kono te wo hanare
koyoi wa tsuki ga kirei de omoi yogiru
moshi hoka no unmei wo eranda no nara

Under this cloudless starry sky, my emotions race
the small hand from back then let go of mine
it crosses my mind that the moon is truly pretty tonight
oh perhaps, if only i had chosen another fate…

止まる時間 止まらない四季
また 巡る
戻れないなら 道の続く限りに
歩みを止めない 祈りを止めな
tomaru jikan tomaranai shiki
mata meguru
modorenai nara michi no tsudzuku kagiri ni
ayumi wo tomenai inori wo yamenai

time stands still but the seasons are unstoppable
they’ll recur again
if i can’t go back, as long as my path continues
i won’t stop walking, i won’t stop praying

今は 過去
笑顔でいて いつまでも
anata wo michibiku
yawarakaku terasu hikari ni
nareru no darou ka
ima wa kako
subete wo ukeire
rinshiku furikaeru anata
egao de ite itsumade mo
itsumade mo

you are guided
by a faintly shining light
you’ll surely get used to it
that is past now
I will accept everything
you courageously turn back
please just keep on smiling forever
for evermore

儚く浮かぶあの郷 想い馳せる
遠く手を伸ばしても 離れるばかり
この火は消えることなく 想い過る
幸せに思う罪 噛み締めながら
hakanaku ukabu ano kuni omoi haseru
tooku te wo nobashite mo hanareru bakari
kono hi wa kieru koto naku omoi yogiru
shiawase ni omou tsumi kamishime nagara

fleeting transiently, that place makes my emotions race
no matter how far i extend my hand, you would only let go
it crosses my thoughts that this day won’t ever fade
while thinking of happiness, i deliberate about my sins

連れぬ未来 貫くこの身
また 何処
伸びていくのは 永遠の帰り道
歩みを止めない 祈りを止めない
tsurenu mirai tsuranuku kono mi
mata izuko
nobite iku no wa eien no kaerimichi
ayumi wo tomenai inori wo yamenai

the future that i hold pierces my body
and yet somewhere
my eternal way home stretches in front of me
i won’t stop walking, i won’t stop praying

今は 過去
変わることなく そのまま
anata wo michibiku
yawarakaku terasu hikari ni
nareru no darou ka
ima wa kako
ano hana no you ni
yasashiku sakihokoru anata
kawaru koto naku sono mama
sono mama de

you are guided
by a faintly shining light
you’ll surely get used to it
that is past now
just like that flower
you will bloom so beautifully
unchanging, just like that
just like that

The Eyes Of Calamity


The Eyes of Calamity

Title: 災禍の瞳  (saika no hitomi – The Eyes of Calamity)
Circle: 六弦アリス (Rokugen Alice)
Vocals: 櫻井アンナ (Anna Sakurai)
Lyrics: 櫻井アンナ (Anna Sakurai)
Album:夢想演舞 妖之理 -Fairy tale for Cherry blossoms-

Reitaisai 8
ブクレシュティの人形師  (The Doll Maker of Bucuresti), 東方妖々夢 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom Stage 3 theme

Requested by Eiki.
Was a bit difficult keeping the sentences as close as possible to the japanese lyrics, so some parts might sound a little off.

*少女は幾度目の主だろう: 主 read as “master, head” (aruji)
*私の下で : lit. “under me “

残す 記憶と願いそれは一つの人形へ

nokosu kioku to negai sore ha hitotsu no ningyou he
dakeba watashi ni miseru wazawaitsu rekishi
akaku someru shikai no saki ni ugomeku mono ha nani
sore ha subete no mono wo hai to kasu hi

I leave my memories and wishes to that single puppet
when i embrace it, it shows me a story of misery
at the end of my sight stained in red, what’s there still squirming
that is the flame burning everything to ashes

chinurareta kako wo mi ni matoite
.. anata ha ude no naka de

Dressed in a such a bloodied past
… i take you into my arms


anata wo daita shoujo ha ikudome no aruji darou
anata wo daita kazu dake mata chi ha nagareru
anata wo daita shoujo ha anata no naka ni ikiru
anata wo daita kazu dake kioku wa kasanaru

that girl who held you, oh how many times she was your master
every time she held you, only then your blood began to flow
that girl who once held you, she lives within you
every time she held you, only then your memories overlapped


nagai toki wo megurite wazawai wo sono mi ni yadoshi
subete wo kobamu you ni watashi wo miru
semete watashi no moto de odayakana toki wo okureba
anata no naka ni nemuru kokoro ha kawaru

circling for a long time, your body harbours misfortune
now refuse it all and look and me
if at least under my wing you can have a peaceful time, then
the heart that sleeps within you will change

満たされぬ想い それが貴方なの
癒してあげるわ この腕の中で

mitasarenu omoi sore ga anata na no
iyashiteageru wa kono ude no naka de

memories won’t fulfill you, that’s just who you are
come, i’ll heal you within these arms of mine


anata ga motomete yamanai mono
sore wa watashi no naka ni

the imperishable things you desired
you’ll find within me

もう離れる事は無い 私と共に生きる

anata wo daita watashi ha iku dome no aruji darou
anata wo daita kazu dake kizuna ha fukamaru
mou hanareru koto ha nai watashi to tomo ni ikiru
sore ga anata to watashi no rekishi no hajimari

i , who held you, oh how many times i was your master 
every time i held you, only then our bond grew deeper and deeper
i won’t let you go anymore, from now you’ll live by my side
and so, this is the beginning of our very own story


sore wa nagai toki no nagare
owaranu mono to shinjite

i believe that in the long flow of time,
there are imperishable things after all