Arrange & Lyrics:  岸田 (Kishida)
Vocal: ichigo
Guitar: hayapi (はやぴ~),   岸田 (Kishida)
Bass:  岸田 (Kishida)
Drums: mi-cyan (みっちゃん)
Circle: 岸田教団&THE明星ロケッツ (Kishida Kyoudan & THE Akeboshi Rockets) / Studio K2
Album: ロックンロールラボラトリー (Rock ‘n’ Roll Laboratory)
Original Arrange, Comiket 83

“open your eyes and look north”

*軽いのは重力だけ : not  sure about this, i’m open to any corrections though!
*世界は平等で: ~ “there are equally none of the following …”
* 神様の見えない手なんて言った奴: means, that “god’s hand” isn’t invisible at all, singer thinks that he is openly interfering with people’s daily lives all the time, even misfortune is his work
*神様だってさあ 面白い方がいいだろう?: i don’t even know what this is supposed to be about

tsuki no ue no hanashi wo kiita koto wa aru ka?
karui no wa juuryoku dake ja nai rashii
kinka to juudan no kachi ni wa taisa ga nai to
rekishi to ano me ga shoumei shiteiru na

hey have you heard that story about the moon?
they say gravity isn’t the only light thing
where there is no big difference between gold and bullets
well, go and see for yourself then!

me wo samase

open your eyes

たった一つだけさ 絶対に損をするな
世界は平等で 貴賎も絶対も優劣もありません
kimi ni wa mada kono machi no ruuru wo hanashitenai na
tatta hitotsu dake sa zettai ni son wo suru na
sekai wa byoudou de kisen mo zettai mo yuuretsu mo arimasen
nante iu yatsu wo shinjinakereba ii

seems like no one told you anything about this city’s rules
but there is a single one that’s absolutely not missing out
in this world, there are no ranks, no totality, no relative merits
but better not believe someone who says that

meikaku na hajimari nante shiranai na

i still don’t know how to make a clear start

そもそも現実 に正しさなんてない
神様だってもう 見飽きたと思うから
mou inottatte nani mo owari wa konai ze
somosomo koko ni tadashisa nante nai
kamisama datte mou miakita to omou kara
orugan wo hibikaseyou

no matter how much i pray, the end won’t come
here, there wasn’t even any justice to begin with
because even god was tired of seeing this, i guess
now let this organ resound


zettaiteki na kachi kara subete wo tokihanateba
mugendai ni shin’you wa hidaika suru
sono shoumei no you na machi no naka de kimi wa
nani wo tsukamitotte nani wo ushinau?

if you free yourself from all those absolute values
you need to increase your trust in infinity
Just like that proof, inside this town
what will you try to grasp, what will you lose?

その言葉を言ったのは 君が最初ではない
seiron nante kiitenai
sono kotoba wo itta no wa kimi ga saisho de wa nai
tsumari dou demo ii tte koto sa

i won’t listen to your sound arguments
since you’re not the first one to tell me those words
in the long run, it doesn’t really matter at all

そもそも人類 に限度なんてない
神様なんてもう 笑い転げてる頃だ
mou furontia nante koko ni shika nai ze
somosomo hito ni gendo nante nai
kamisama nante mou waraikorogeteru koro da
doshigatai uta wo utaou

the frontier is no longer right here
humanity doesn’t have any limits to begin with
this is the part where god is probably bursting with laughter
even so, let’s keep singing this song

結局のところ 楽しいだけなのさ
例えそれで 何があっても
kekkyoku no tokoro tanoshii dake na no sa
tatoe sore de nani ga atte mo
kamisama no mienai te nante itta yatsu wa
kitto shiranai

at last, this is all just for the sake of pleasure
even with this, no matter what happens
the guy who said god’s hand is invisible
surely doesn’t know

そもそも理想 に意思なんてない
神様だってさあ 面白い方がいいだろう?
夜を明かそう 気付かれる前に
mou sekai nante dare ni mo mienai
somosomo sore ni ishi nante nai
kamisama datte saa omoshiroi hou ga ii darou?
doshigatai uta wo utatte
yo wo akasou kizukareru mae ni

now in this world, there is no one to be seen anymore
the ideal doesn’t have any purpose to begin with
i wonder, the almighty himself better be interesting
even so i’ll keep singing my song
let’s spend our nights like this before he finds out

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