Artist: sasanomaly (ササノマリイ)
Album: Re:Verb

Requested by Edward.
So hey guys, i’m not dead, i was on vacation for a while and  had some personal issues to face but now i’m back home and i will try to translate a little more.
about this song, well it’s pretty sad and i think it’s obvious it’s about a fight between the singer and his mom (?). time passed and he still can’t bring himself to talk to her or apologize, thinking he’s a coward or a good-for-nothing.
might revise this whole thing later, please excuse any mistakes for now!

*ノート : actually “note book”, replaced with “diary” instead
* 落とした瓶の蓋: not sure if this refers to alcohol abuse of some sort?
*コード : can either mean “chords” or “codes”, it’s up to you here
*もうなんか しょうもないとか笑いあって: a little unsure about this one too

遠くにある景色は 静かな夢を見てた
空に溶ける声を 何度も 何度も
tooku ni aru keshiki wa shizukana yume wo miteta
kuu ni tokeru koe wo nando mo nando mo

in a distant land, i dreamt a silent dream
i heard that voice melting into nothingness over and over

重ねてくノートは 想いの数だけ
忘れたくないから ただ それだけ
落とした瓶の蓋の音が 響いていた 乾いた部屋
kasaneteku nooto wa omoi no kazu dake
wasuretakunai kara tada soredake
otoshita bin no futa no oto ga hibiite ita kawaita heya

my countless thoughts overlap within this diary
i just don’t want to forget any of them, that’s all
the sound of a falling bottle lid echoes in this dry room

jaa ne, mata ne, aeru toki made
mamorenai yakusoku shite iku

‘see you soon, until then, until we meet again’
making a promise i can’t keep

夢でもいい 君と笑いたい
だいたいさ もうなんか 消えたいとか口ずさんで
wasuretai kyou wo kowashite
yume demo ii kimi to waraitai
gomen ne mo ienai watashi wa
daitai sa mou nanka kietai toka kuchizusande

i break the today i want to forget about
even if it’s just in dreams, i want to laugh with you
i can’t even say i’m sorry
somehow, i find myself humming that i wish to disappear

繰り返すコードも 後悔の分だけ
見えない不安も ごまかしたいだけ
kurikaesu koudo mo koukai no bun dake
mienai fuan mo gomakashitai dake

the repeating chords/ codes are just minutes of regret
i just want to veil all these invisible fears

jaa ne, mata ne, aeru toki made
uso tsuita mama kieteiku

‘see you, until then, until we meet again’
i lie as i vanish

嘘でもいい 君と話したい
大概さ もうなんか 会えないとか思えないな
modoritai kinou tozashite
uso demo ii kimi to hanashitai
koukai ga ienai kurai de
taigai sa mou nanka aenai toka omoenai na

the yesterday i want to return to is cut off
even if it’s all lies, i just want to talk to you
there are no words for all this regret i feel
most of all, i don’t think we’ll never meet again

koe wo saegiru you ni hibiku
oto wa toorisugite iku
tanjun’na kotoba nanoni
issho ni itai ga ienai

that voice echoes interruptedly
the sounds fade away
such simple words and yet
i just can’t say i want to be with you

だいたいさ 強がって 弱がって ひねくれてんだ
mamoritai asu wo negatte
kono koe de kimi ni tsutaetai
isuwatteru dake no ima wo
daitai sa tsuyogatte yowagatte hinekurete nda

i’m wishing for a tomorrow i can protect
with this voice of mine i want to tell you
but right now i’m just sitting still
mostly, it’s either pretending to be strong or weak

心から 君と笑いたい
また明日 が終わる日まで
だいたいさ もうなんか しょうもないとか笑いあって
mamoritai kyou wo tokashite
kokoro kara kimi to waraitai
mata ashita ga owaru hi made
daitai sa mou nanka shou mo nai toka warai atte

the today i wanted to protect is fading
from the bottom of my heart i want to laugh with you
see you again tomorrow, until day’s end
on the whole, something stupid like laughing together

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