Sound of Spring


Sound of Spring
はるのおと -同声合唱とピアノのための-

Title: はるのおと -同声合唱とピアノのための-
(Sound of Spring- Equal voices choir with piano)
Circle: RD-Sounds / 凋叶棕 (Diao ye zong)
Album: (itazura)
Arrange: RD-Sounds
Vocal: めらみぽっぷ (meramipop)

東方妖々夢 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom, 天空の花の都 ( The Capital City of Flowers in the Sky),
Lily White’s Theme / Stage 4 Theme

I have no clue how to accurately translate the title. The “equal voices” part is just a rough translation, please have mercy guys ~
And yep, i never thought i would ever translate a RD-Sounds Arrangement cause they’re quite difficult, this one however, was  easy to be honest. Also, not too literal this time (i added a few words here and there to make it sound better). Enjoy as always :)

わたしが つたえることばを おおくは

watashi ga tsutaeru kotoba wo ooku wa
motte inai you ni

It feels as if i don’t have a lot of words
to tell you

これらが もたらすことばの おおくに

 Korera ga motarasu kotoba no ooku ni
imi wa nai no desu

and most of these words that i bring with me
don’t have any meaning

ことばで つたえるよりも より つよく

 Kotoba de tsutaeru yori mo yori tsuyoku
todoketai toki ni

more than with words, someday, i want to
reach you
more strongly

わたしが できることのなかで わたしは

watashi ga dekiru koto no naka de watashi
wa tsutaeru no desu

but within what i can do i will try to
convey it to you

あたりまえの ことを
ただ それが きたのだと
あなたにも きづいてほしい

Atarimae no koto wo
tada sore ga kita no dato
anata ni mo kidzuite hoshii

even the obvious things
when only that has come
i want you,too, to notice them

はずむ こころ
あふれ めぶく
すべての いのちあるものの
だれもが まちわびた きせつの おとずれを むかえるよう

hazumu kokoro
afure mebuku
subete no inochi aru mono no
dare mo ga machiwabita kisetsu no otozure wo mukaeru you

my pounding heart
overflowing budding
among all living things
each and everyone waited to greet the arrival of the season

つらく ながい
きせつの はてに みちる
よろこびの うたが
だれもが ききもらさぬ ように  たからかに ひびくように

Tsuraku nagai
kisetsu no hate ni michiru
yorokobi no uta ga
dare mo ga kikimorasanu you ni takaraka ni hibiku you ni

long and painful
when the end of the season comes
a song of joy
will be heard by each and everyone as it will resonate loudly

ひびくは あざやかに
そうして あなたも
このおとに みみをそばだて

Hibiku wa azayaka ni
soshite anata mo
kono oto ni mimi wo sobadate
kidzuite kudasai

resounding so brilliantly
and then you, too
will hark to this song
please notice

ひびくは はなやかに
そうして あなたも
このおとに みみをすませ

Hibiku wa hanayaka ni
soshite anata mo
kono oto ni mimi wo sumase
kiite kudasai

resounding so brightly
and then you, too
will hark to this song
please listen

はるが きました と

Sora no iro
  sora no koe
Haru ga kimashita to

the sky’s color
the sky’s voice
spring has come at last

はるが きました と
みちる はるのおとを
いま あなたのもとへ とどけます

Tsuchi no iro
  tsuchi no koe
Haru ga kimashita to
michiru haru no oto wo
ima anata no moto he todokemasu

the earth’s color
the earth’s voice
spring has come at last
the sound of spring has filled
i will now deliver it to where you are

やくめ を おえた わたしは
そっと ねむりに つくのです

yakume wo oeta watashi wa
sotto nemuri ni tsuku no desu

and now
my duty is done, i will

softly drift off into sleep once again

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