Poplica* – Resolution



Circle: Poplica* (Syrufit)
Album: Poptrick
Lyrics: 723
Vocal: Tsubaki Ichimatsu
Arrangement: Poplica*

Reitaisai 9

Septette for the Dead Princess, Remilia Scarlet’s Theme

Hello people, i am back with a new song, this time it’s Poplica*. By the way, the Kanji lyrics came from a chinese site so i cannot promise that they are 100% accurate.
Nothing much to say except that this song was a pain to translate :( Enjoy anyways!

* 機械仕掛けが導きだす正解なら: not really sure what this is supposed to be about, that’s why this translation is very literal this time
* “if taking control of all mechanisms” = controlling everything
*原始の海へ 歪に廻る運命の中: Not a single idea. Sorry for that.
*在り来たり: “habits have catched my eyes for too long” = habits as in daily things = boredom, the tedium of everyday life
*真理の森へ : maybe the Forest of Magic?



seizento narabu gareki no michi
samayou ko-ra wa
susumedomo onaji keshiki wo mite
nani wo omoudarou
dorekisei ni shizumu karada
kidzukenai mama

order and chaos on the road ahead
where the wandering children
stay still while looking at the same scenery
what are they thinking of
while my body is sinking into the asphalt
without anyone noticing

It is just another story
Just a boring day
Everything seems so tiresome

原始の海へ 歪に廻る運命の中

kage wo nakushita junpaku no yoru
kikai shikake ga michibiki dasu seikai nara
nani wo nozomeba hito wa kaereru?
Genshi no umi he ibitsu ni mawaru sadame no naka

losing my shadow in this pure white night
if taking control of all mechanisms is the right answer
whatever i wish for, will the people return?
towards the primordial sea, within this fate circling in distortion


Arikitari sugite menitomarunu
iro naki hibi wo
tsukuridashita no wa kokoro no sei
bēru ni tozasarete
kondaku suru no ishiki no naka
kikoeru koe wa

habits have catched my eyes for too long
during these colourless days
what came into being was a flaw of the heart
shut away with the sound of a bell
within my fading consciousness
i can hear a voice

Have you ever tried to break through?
Having sense of crisis?
Too early to give it up


Hikari nakushita shikkoku no asa
kikai shikake ga michibikidasu shiawase nara
subete sutete mo erabi toritai
shinri no mori he

losing my light in this pitch black morning
if taking control of all mechanisms is happiness
even if i throw it all away, i still want to choose
now, to the forest of truth

I will never change my resolution from now on!

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