Amateras Records – 曖昧Never Ending


曖昧Never Ending

Ambiguous Never Ending
Circle: Amateras Records
Album: Unlogical Trick
Lyrics: 海兎
Vocal: F9
Arrangement: Blue Twinkle

竹取飛翔 ~ Lunatic Princess, Imperishable Night Final Boss Theme / Kaguya Houraisan’s Theme

A short song this time. And wow, 2 translations in a week, what’s wrong with me :O

* その中: i don’t really know which this is referring to
*ループして: literally “making a loop”
*振り返らずに時を刻んでゆくから: added ” into my heart” otherwise it wouldn’t sound right


何時だって不確かなコトだらけ 分かんない
同じ時 同じ場所 あるわけが無いハズで
繰り返し その中で変わってく選択肢

itsudatte futashikana koto darake wakannai
onaji toki onaji basho aru wake ga nai hazu de
kurikaeshi sono naka de kawatteku sentakushi
seikai ga dore nano ka wakarazu ni erandeyuku

i just dont know when things were tainted with uncertainty
the same time, the same place, it just can’t be
within that, ever changing choices in repeat
just how will i choose the right answer without knowing


fukashigi de kasaneawaseta eien wo
futsugou na shinjitsute kirei na iro ni
ah… kaeteyuku

an eternity layering and overlapping with mystery
the ugly truth has such beautiful colours
ah…it’s changing

語り継がれた 本当も嘘も全て

ru—pu shite mezameteyuku yoake mae ni
kataritsugareta hontou mo uso mo subete
sotto watashi wo katachizukutteku ohanashi
furikaerazu ni toki wo kizandeyuku kara

repeating again before i wake up at daybreak
the passed down truths as well as lies, everything
is secretly creating me a fairy tale
without looking back, time will engrave it into my heart

永遠に never ending
遠く moonlight…moonlight…

towani never ending
tooku moonlight…moonlight…

eternally, never ending
far away moonlight…moonlight…

Ash Like Snow

Ash Like Snow

Circle: Amateras Records
Album: Unlogical Trick
Vocal: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)
Lyrics: 海兎 (Kaito)
Comiket 82

エクステンドアッシュ ~ 蓬莱人 / Extend Ash ~ Hourai Victim
Imperishable Night extra stage theme

Good evening guys, here’s some Amateras Records, i still got some of their songs left to translate, will probably following some time this month.
I recently watched the Studio Ghibli movie “The tale of Princess Kaguya” and to be honest, i cried like a child. But hey, at least now i understand the story of Kaguya and Mokou :)

*: ハイ – this is the same as 灰 but is written in katakana, for unknown reasons
*: in your eyes: i could not really put this into one sentence, didn’t make much sense tbh
*: you resembled: = you were like ( if this sounds better to you)

儚き時の流れ 降り注ぐ哀しみに

hakanaki toki no nagare furisosogu kanashimi ni
na mo naki kagayaki he to oimotometa genjitsu

in the neverending flow of time, sadness came over me
i chased a nameless sparkle all the way to reality


hai ni nareba raku ni nareru?
atama no naka wo meguri megutteku

if everything turns to ash, will i rest at ease?
inside my head it keeps on spinning

思考回路 既にマイナスで
冷たい身体 焼き尽くすように
見上けた空 覆い尽くした ash like snow

shikou kairo sudeni mainasu de
moeru you na tsubasa ga aru
tsumetai karada yaki tsukusu you ni
miageta sora ooi tsukushita ASH LIKE SNOW

in my line of thoughts there’s only “minus“
with these flame-like wings
it almost feels like burning up my freezing body
as i look up, the sky is already covered with an ash like snow

彷徨う永久の中に 降り積もる寂しさに
意味のない想い出を 乱雑に薙ぎ払う

samayou towa no naka ni furitsumoru sabishisa ni
imi no nai omoide wo ranzatsu ni nagiharau

in my endless time of wandering, loneliness piled up
meaningless memories, messily mowed down

続いてゆくループ 螺旋状
瞳の奥 君の願い絶やさないでと強く願ってた
静かな夜 君に似ていた ash like snow

hai ni nareba raku ni nareru?
kimi no kotoba ga mune wo tsuranuite
tsuzuite yuku ruupu rasen jou
hitomi no oku kimi no negai tayasanaide to tsuyoku negatteta
shizukana yoru kimi ni niteita ASH LIKE SNOW

if everything turns to ash, will i rest at ease?
your words are piercing through my chest
the loop spiral continues
in your eyes; i strongly hoped your wish wouldn’t die out
in that silent night you resembled the ash like snow