Syrufit – Empty Fate


Empty Fate

Circle: Studio “Syrup Comfiture”
Lyrics: Ayakura Mei (綾倉盟)
Arrange: Syrufit, Poplica*
Vocals: Ayakura Mei (綾倉盟)
Album: Love Buzz!  (Reitaisai 7)

千年幻想郷 ~ History of the Moon / Gensokyo Millennium ~ History of the Moon
東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night, Eirin Yagokoro’s Theme

Haven’t posted anything lately, i know, i apologize about that.
But the good news is i passed my university exams. Yay me! Anyways, enjoy this Syrufit song, i’ll try to work on another translation next week ^-^

*想い: actually “omoi” is “memories”, but i just thought that “emotions” would fit better
*凛々しく: i had to look this up in my dictionary but i only got 凛々(“rinrin”), however i think Mei sings “rinshiku”, not “rinrinshiku”
*あの郷: this is supposed to be read as “gou” or “kyo” (lit. ‘homeland, place of birth’, i shortened it to ‘place’), if i’m not mistaken it’s sung as(“kuni” – homeland) though
*何処: written as “izuko”

雲ひとつない星空 想い馳せる
いつかの小さな手は この手を離れ
今宵は月が綺麗で 想い過る
もし他の運命を 選んだのな
kumo hitotsu nai hoshizora omoi haseru
itsuka no chiisana te wa kono te wo hanare
koyoi wa tsuki ga kirei de omoi yogiru
moshi hoka no unmei wo eranda no nara

Under this cloudless starry sky, my emotions race
the small hand from back then let go of mine
it crosses my mind that the moon is truly pretty tonight
oh perhaps, if only i had chosen another fate…

止まる時間 止まらない四季
また 巡る
戻れないなら 道の続く限りに
歩みを止めない 祈りを止めな
tomaru jikan tomaranai shiki
mata meguru
modorenai nara michi no tsudzuku kagiri ni
ayumi wo tomenai inori wo yamenai

time stands still but the seasons are unstoppable
they’ll recur again
if i can’t go back, as long as my path continues
i won’t stop walking, i won’t stop praying

今は 過去
笑顔でいて いつまでも
anata wo michibiku
yawarakaku terasu hikari ni
nareru no darou ka
ima wa kako
subete wo ukeire
rinshiku furikaeru anata
egao de ite itsumade mo
itsumade mo

you are guided
by a faintly shining light
you’ll surely get used to it
that is past now
I will accept everything
you courageously turn back
please just keep on smiling forever
for evermore

儚く浮かぶあの郷 想い馳せる
遠く手を伸ばしても 離れるばかり
この火は消えることなく 想い過る
幸せに思う罪 噛み締めながら
hakanaku ukabu ano kuni omoi haseru
tooku te wo nobashite mo hanareru bakari
kono hi wa kieru koto naku omoi yogiru
shiawase ni omou tsumi kamishime nagara

fleeting transiently, that place makes my emotions race
no matter how far i extend my hand, you would only let go
it crosses my thoughts that this day won’t ever fade
while thinking of happiness, i deliberate about my sins

連れぬ未来 貫くこの身
また 何処
伸びていくのは 永遠の帰り道
歩みを止めない 祈りを止めない
tsurenu mirai tsuranuku kono mi
mata izuko
nobite iku no wa eien no kaerimichi
ayumi wo tomenai inori wo yamenai

the future that i hold pierces my body
and yet somewhere
my eternal way home stretches in front of me
i won’t stop walking, i won’t stop praying

今は 過去
変わることなく そのまま
anata wo michibiku
yawarakaku terasu hikari ni
nareru no darou ka
ima wa kako
ano hana no you ni
yasashiku sakihokoru anata
kawaru koto naku sono mama
sono mama de

you are guided
by a faintly shining light
you’ll surely get used to it
that is past now
just like that flower
you will bloom so beautifully
unchanging, just like that
just like that

Poplica* – Resolution



Circle: Poplica* (Syrufit)
Album: Poptrick
Lyrics: 723
Vocal: Tsubaki Ichimatsu
Arrangement: Poplica*

Reitaisai 9

Septette for the Dead Princess, Remilia Scarlet’s Theme

Hello people, i am back with a new song, this time it’s Poplica*. By the way, the Kanji lyrics came from a chinese site so i cannot promise that they are 100% accurate.
Nothing much to say except that this song was a pain to translate :( Enjoy anyways!

* 機械仕掛けが導きだす正解なら: not really sure what this is supposed to be about, that’s why this translation is very literal this time
* “if taking control of all mechanisms” = controlling everything
*原始の海へ 歪に廻る運命の中: Not a single idea. Sorry for that.
*在り来たり: “habits have catched my eyes for too long” = habits as in daily things = boredom, the tedium of everyday life
*真理の森へ : maybe the Forest of Magic?



seizento narabu gareki no michi
samayou ko-ra wa
susumedomo onaji keshiki wo mite
nani wo omoudarou
dorekisei ni shizumu karada
kidzukenai mama

order and chaos on the road ahead
where the wandering children
stay still while looking at the same scenery
what are they thinking of
while my body is sinking into the asphalt
without anyone noticing

It is just another story
Just a boring day
Everything seems so tiresome

原始の海へ 歪に廻る運命の中

kage wo nakushita junpaku no yoru
kikai shikake ga michibiki dasu seikai nara
nani wo nozomeba hito wa kaereru?
Genshi no umi he ibitsu ni mawaru sadame no naka

losing my shadow in this pure white night
if taking control of all mechanisms is the right answer
whatever i wish for, will the people return?
towards the primordial sea, within this fate circling in distortion


Arikitari sugite menitomarunu
iro naki hibi wo
tsukuridashita no wa kokoro no sei
bēru ni tozasarete
kondaku suru no ishiki no naka
kikoeru koe wa

habits have catched my eyes for too long
during these colourless days
what came into being was a flaw of the heart
shut away with the sound of a bell
within my fading consciousness
i can hear a voice

Have you ever tried to break through?
Having sense of crisis?
Too early to give it up


Hikari nakushita shikkoku no asa
kikai shikake ga michibikidasu shiawase nara
subete sutete mo erabi toritai
shinri no mori he

losing my light in this pitch black morning
if taking control of all mechanisms is happiness
even if i throw it all away, i still want to choose
now, to the forest of truth

I will never change my resolution from now on!

Syrufit – liberate me


liberate me

Circle: Syrufit (Studio Syrup Comfiture)
Arrange: TAK-sk
Lyrics: 市松椿 (Ichimatsu Tsubaki)
Vocal: 市松椿 (Ichimatsu Tsubaki)
Album: Show me your love

Comiket 77
プラスチックマインド / Plastic Mind , Alice Margatroid’s Theme

Hello~ again, here’s the Syrufit i always (always) promised and, yeah, that’s it!
Next up will be either some relatively unknown Tohou Circle  (世の漆黒) or Amateras Records.

Words in brackets are not literally in the lyrics, but i just added them so it makes more sense.
* 夢見がちな: i couldn’t really find an accurate phrase for this, dictionary said “dreamy”
* 好きで生きているわけじゃない: i have no clue, i’m sorry. don’t hit me.
*私の破片は何で出来てるの: meh. sloppy translation as always.*もうしようもない: pleeeasse tell me what this is supposed to mean..


ude wo mireba kusari no ato
ashi ni karamaru doro no umi
kogoeru yubisaki de nigitta
sora he tsunagaru tayorinai ito wo

if i look at my arms, there are still traces of the chains
my legs are entangled in a sea of mud
as i was grasped by freezing fingers
an unreliable thread leading to the sky

気付いて  気付かないで
ひとり  それとも

kiduite  kidukanaide
mujun suru
hitori  soretomo
tomo ni ikeru no

please notice, please don’t notice
(i know) it’s contradictory
am i all alone or
are we together in this?

I can fly high, fly high
Tell me who can liberate me
飛んでゆけ  ゆけ
飛んでゆけ  ゆけ
Take me to the sky

I can fly high, fly high
Tell me who can liberate me
tondeyuke  yuke
tozasareta kanjou
kimi ni tsugu
doushiyou mo nai days
tondeyuke  yuke
subete sutete
Take me to the sky

I can fly high, fly high
Tell me who can liberate me
i start to fly, fly
my locked up emotions
i tell you all about them
and all the days i was helpless
i start to fly, fly
throw away everything and
take me to the sky


nobori tsudukete omoishiru
hatenaki sora ha toosugita
moushuu ni torawarete mama de
itaru koto ha dekiru no darou ka to

i realized we climbed higher and higher
but the endless sky was just too far
just as if we were obsessed with it
will us lead it to where we want to go, i wonder


yumemigachi na kumo no ue de
dareka ga miharu kono sekai
suki de ikiteiru wake janai
kedo ikasareteiru wake demonai

(we were) dreamy above the clouds
if someone closely observes this world
it’s impossible to love being alive
without even being ‘alive’

千切れ  千切れて
落ちて  砕けてしまうだろうか
こころ  それとも

chigire  chigirete
te wo hanashitara
ochite  kudaketeshimau darou ka
watashi no hahen ha nande dekiteru no
kokoro  soretomo
kimi to no idea

torn into pieces, a thousand pieces
if i let go of your hand
would i fall down, would i break apart ?
what could be done with fragments of me
my heart or even
our idea

I can fly high, fly high
Tell me who can liberate me
飛んでゆけ  ゆけ
飛んでゆけ  ゆけ
Take me to the sky

I can fly high, fly high
Tell me who can liberate me
tondeyuke  yuke
tozasareta kanjou
kimi ni tsugu
moushiyou mo nai days
tondeyuke  yuke
subete sutete
Take me to the sky

I can fly high, fly high
Tell me who can liberate me
i start to fly, fly
my locked up emotions
i tell you all about them
all the days i couldn’t tell you about
i start to fly, fly
throw away everything and
take me to the sky



Wheel of Fortune


Alstroemeria Records – Wheel Of Fortune

Vocal: 綾倉盟 (Mei Ayakura)
Arrange: Syrufit
Circle: Alstroemeria Records
Lyrics: 綾倉盟 (Mei Ayakura)
Album: Plastik World
Comiket 77
Original: The Last Judgement
東方怪綺談 ~ Mystic Square, stage 5 themePicture from ちもち (Chimochi) on pixiv

Didn’t I promise Syrufit?
Ah anyways i’ve been wondering how this song hasn’t already been translated, it’s really catchy and so nice much beat wow :O
Have to admit this was a pain to translate but yay at least i got it done…

*何よりも偉大な あなたの元 (nani yori mo idai na anata no moto): I honestly don’t understand this phrase at all and I apologize for mistakes because it sounds horrible
紅く染められ akaku somerare: every first word of the phrases of the refrain are repeated four times each except あるはず and 見届ける so basically it’s “akaku akaku akaku akaku somerare” which was not written in the lyrics but is definitely sung. I think this is symbolizing the “wheel of fortune” from greek/roman mythology goddess Tyche/ Fortuna and the wheel basically spinning and going “round and round again and again”
*見届ける: with the meaning of “witnessing”

時は来た 終わりの始まりから
手を引かれ 優しい光の先
薄暗い部屋には 揺れる陽炎
目覚めた時から 幸せでした

toki wa kita owari no hajimari kara
te wo hikare yasashii hikari no saki
usugurai heya ni wa yureru kagerou
mezameta toki kara shiawase deshita

time has come since the beginning of the end
my hands are drawn towards a gentle light
a heat haze swaying in this dim room
since i awakened i have been fortunate

静けさと温度が 重なる時
何よりも偉大な あなたの元
側にいる許しを 得られた事の
誇りに代わりは あるのでしょうか?

shizukesa to ondo ga kasanaru toki
nani yori mo idai na anata no moto
soba ni iru yurushi wo erareta koto no
hokori ni kawari wa aru no deshou ka?

when silence and temperature overlap
the forgiveness i obtained at your side
from you who is of an origin greater than anything
is there an alternative to pride, i wonder

凍てつく 囁きは
また 近づく

hisomu kage
itetsuku sasayaki ha
togire togire
mata chikaduku
kareru koe
zutto mamotte kita basho

the lurking shadows
a cold whisper
coming to a halt
approaching again
my voice became hoarse
the place i’ve always protected
don’t harm it

見届ける今 そのままを

akaku somerare
shizuku wa namida
ochiru shiroi hane
aru hazu no hikari wa doko ni
tomaru kotonaku
meguru rinne ni
subete yudaneyou
mitodokeru ima sono mama wo

dyed in crimson
the tears i cry
white feathers are falling down
where’s the light that should be
without ever stopping
in the repeating circle of life and death
i entrust everything
and keep on watching just like this

初めから 終わりは変わらぬ事実(こと)
願っても叶わぬ 強がりより
何よりも弱いと 気付いたのです
このままではその手を 掴めない

hajime kara owari wa kawaranu koto
negatte mo kanawanu tsuyogari yori
nani yori mo yowai to kizuita no desu
kono mama de wa sono te wo tsukamenai

since the beginning the end is unchanging
even if i pray, i’m unable to withstand this bluff
more than anything i realize how weak i am
i cannot grasp your hand like this


unmei wa
umareta setsuna kara
hitsuzenka, to
dare ga tou no?
zutto mamotte kita basho
kegasanaide, to

from this moment
a fate was born
Whether it is a necessity,
who is asking ?
repeating again
the place i’ve always protected
“i wont let you stain it!“