Looking for Lyrics

Hello people,

this is just a short notice on two things,
first off, i want to apologize to Eiki because i still have not finished the request yet
BUT i promise i’ll get it done this week! (i have been really sick since monday but i’m on my way to recovery).

Second, i would like to ask you out there if anyone has lyrics to the following songs because i’d really love to translate them (for a while now…)

– MisteryCircle : By the way
– Silent Difference : Vengeance From Dark
– Banquet of under the cherry blossom (Album)
– Janet : Stilled Life
– 回路-kairo- : crying
– 回路-kairo- : dying
– 回路-kairo- : pray
–  回路-kairo- : ハメツワルツ (Waltz of destruction)

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also, you can request something if you would like to.
The list will also be added on the “About” page.