Arrange & Lyrics:  岸田 (Kishida)
Vocal: ichigo
Guitar: hayapi (はやぴ~),   岸田 (Kishida)
Bass:  岸田 (Kishida)
Drums: mi-cyan (みっちゃん)
Circle: 岸田教団&THE明星ロケッツ (Kishida Kyoudan & THE Akeboshi Rockets) / Studio K2
Album: ロックンロールラボラトリー (Rock ‘n’ Roll Laboratory)
Original Arrange, Comiket 83

“open your eyes and look north”

*軽いのは重力だけ : not  sure about this, i’m open to any corrections though!
*世界は平等で: ~ “there are equally none of the following …”
* 神様の見えない手なんて言った奴: means, that “god’s hand” isn’t invisible at all, singer thinks that he is openly interfering with people’s daily lives all the time, even misfortune is his work
*神様だってさあ 面白い方がいいだろう?: i don’t even know what this is supposed to be about

tsuki no ue no hanashi wo kiita koto wa aru ka?
karui no wa juuryoku dake ja nai rashii
kinka to juudan no kachi ni wa taisa ga nai to
rekishi to ano me ga shoumei shiteiru na

hey have you heard that story about the moon?
they say gravity isn’t the only light thing
where there is no big difference between gold and bullets
well, go and see for yourself then!

me wo samase

open your eyes

たった一つだけさ 絶対に損をするな
世界は平等で 貴賎も絶対も優劣もありません
kimi ni wa mada kono machi no ruuru wo hanashitenai na
tatta hitotsu dake sa zettai ni son wo suru na
sekai wa byoudou de kisen mo zettai mo yuuretsu mo arimasen
nante iu yatsu wo shinjinakereba ii

seems like no one told you anything about this city’s rules
but there is a single one that’s absolutely not missing out
in this world, there are no ranks, no totality, no relative merits
but better not believe someone who says that

meikaku na hajimari nante shiranai na

i still don’t know how to make a clear start

そもそも現実 に正しさなんてない
神様だってもう 見飽きたと思うから
mou inottatte nani mo owari wa konai ze
somosomo koko ni tadashisa nante nai
kamisama datte mou miakita to omou kara
orugan wo hibikaseyou

no matter how much i pray, the end won’t come
here, there wasn’t even any justice to begin with
because even god was tired of seeing this, i guess
now let this organ resound


zettaiteki na kachi kara subete wo tokihanateba
mugendai ni shin’you wa hidaika suru
sono shoumei no you na machi no naka de kimi wa
nani wo tsukamitotte nani wo ushinau?

if you free yourself from all those absolute values
you need to increase your trust in infinity
Just like that proof, inside this town
what will you try to grasp, what will you lose?

その言葉を言ったのは 君が最初ではない
seiron nante kiitenai
sono kotoba wo itta no wa kimi ga saisho de wa nai
tsumari dou demo ii tte koto sa

i won’t listen to your sound arguments
since you’re not the first one to tell me those words
in the long run, it doesn’t really matter at all

そもそも人類 に限度なんてない
神様なんてもう 笑い転げてる頃だ
mou furontia nante koko ni shika nai ze
somosomo hito ni gendo nante nai
kamisama nante mou waraikorogeteru koro da
doshigatai uta wo utaou

the frontier is no longer right here
humanity doesn’t have any limits to begin with
this is the part where god is probably bursting with laughter
even so, let’s keep singing this song

結局のところ 楽しいだけなのさ
例えそれで 何があっても
kekkyoku no tokoro tanoshii dake na no sa
tatoe sore de nani ga atte mo
kamisama no mienai te nante itta yatsu wa
kitto shiranai

at last, this is all just for the sake of pleasure
even with this, no matter what happens
the guy who said god’s hand is invisible
surely doesn’t know

そもそも理想 に意思なんてない
神様だってさあ 面白い方がいいだろう?
夜を明かそう 気付かれる前に
mou sekai nante dare ni mo mienai
somosomo sore ni ishi nante nai
kamisama datte saa omoshiroi hou ga ii darou?
doshigatai uta wo utatte
yo wo akasou kizukareru mae ni

now in this world, there is no one to be seen anymore
the ideal doesn’t have any purpose to begin with
i wonder, the almighty himself better be interesting
even so i’ll keep singing my song
let’s spend our nights like this before he finds out


Flight of the Bamboo Cutter


Flight of the Bamboo Cutter

Title: 竹取飛翔 (taketori hishou – Flight of the Bamboo Cutter)
Circle: 岸田教団 & THE明星ロケッツ (Kishida Kyoudan & THE Akeboshi Rockets) / studioK2
Arrange: 岸田 (Kishida)
Vocal: ichigo

Reitaisai 7

東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night
竹取飛翔 ~ Lunatic Princess , Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess, Kaguya Houraisan’s Theme

Here is the Kishida song i promised. Nothing much to say as always, except that uni is stressing me like hell and ugh, so much work in so little time  -.-
Might take me a while to answer comments or finish requests, sorry about that!

*引き寄せられる: this literally means “to be drawn to sth”, which is probably referring to the water tide/ the crashing waves but “float” (in the water) is shorter so i went with that
*夜光虫: is “yakouchuu”, meaning ~’night light bug’ and officially called noctiluca scintillans (also known as sea sparkle). even though they’re not really bugs, rather some kind of jellyfish that glow in the dark. for a more scientific explanation, please try wikipedia, i’m no expert :D this also means that they are not able to “fly”, but rather drift in the sea

求める先が たとえ暗闇だとしても
明日さえいらない 君がいてくれるなら
motomeru saki ga tatoe kurayami da to shite mo
ashita sae iranai kimi ga ite kureru nara

even if what i’m longing for is complete darkness
i don’t need a tomorrow as long as you’re here with me

夢と呼ぶには 儚いひとしずくだけれど
居場所などいらない 君がいてくれるなら

yume to yobu ni wa hakanai hitoshizuku dakeredo
ibasho nado iranai kimi ga ite kureru nara

if i were to name my dreams, they’re but fleeting droplets
i don’t need a place to belong as long as you’re here with me

砕かせないで 君の永遠で
korogari ochiru semete kono te wo
hanasanaide to negau koto mo
yurusarenu nara semete kono mi wo
kudakasenaide kimi no towa de

dropping down and falling, at least
please don’t let go of my hand
and if that’s unforgivable, then at least
please don’t let my body break within your eternity

戯れの仕草で 引き寄せられる夜光虫
戯れの予感で 引き寄せられる夜光虫
tawamure no shigusa de hikiyoserareru yakouchuu
eien ga hoshii to tonde
tawamure no yokan de hikiyoserareru yakouchuu
utsukushiki yozora ni tonde

with a funny gesture, the noctiluca float up and down
wishing for eternity as they fly
with a funny notion the noctiluca float up and down
drifting into the beautiful night sky

抑圧の先 それが解放だとしても
自由などいらない 君がいてくれるから
yokuatsu no saki sore ga kaihou da to shite mo
jiyuu nado iranai kimi ga ite kurerukara

if the end of oppression means i’ll be liberated
i don’t need freedom as long as you’re here with me

朽ち果てるまで ずっと
onaji jikan wo kazoeru hibi wo
yugande miteru mabuta no mukou
yurusareru nara dou ka kono mi ga
kuchihateru made zutto

behind my eyelids, i twistedly see
the days when i counted the same hours over and over
if i can be forgiven then please
stay with me until this body decays

戯れの仕草で 引き寄せられる夜光虫
戯れの予感で 引き寄せられる夜光虫
tawamure no shigusa de hikiyoserareru yakouchuu
eien ga hoshii to tonde
tawamure no yokan de hikiyoserareru yakouchuu
utsukushiki yozora ni tonde

with a funny gesture, the noctiluca float up and down
wishing for eternity as they fly
with a funny notion the noctiluca float up and down
drifting into the beautiful night sky

また 夜がはじまる
千年 繰り返し
mata yoru ga hajimaru
sennen kurikaeshi

another night begins
and a thousand years repeat

誓う貴女に 募る想い 捧ぐ貴女に
chikau anata ni tsunoru omoi sasagu anata ni

to you i vow, to you, i give these treasured feelings

Yozora ni Shizumu


夜空に沈む (yozora ni shizumu)

Title: 夜空に沈む (yozora ni shizumu) – sinking into the night sky
Arrange & Lyrics: 岸田 (Kishida)
Vocals: ichigo
Album: hack/SLASH
Original Arrange

i promised this since like, forever? well so here it is, sorry it took so long -.-

*取り残され沈むように : “i start sinking as i was left behind” – well english isn’t my mother language, but the tense sounds wrong here… i’d be glad if someone could tell me how to say it instead
*どうせ誰かがやるしかないのさ : not sure whether i got this right

日頃の行いは 悪くないはずだ
暗い闇の中 慣れすぎている

yoku sunde ite kyou mo yuuutsu da na
higoro no okonai wa warukunai hazu da
kurai yami no naka naresugite iru
sore jitai ga shoumei
rokuna mono ja nai na

it‘s clearing up well, today’s melancholy
my behaviour shouldn’t be this bad
but this deep darkness is just too familiar
that itself is proof enough
it seems rather unpleasant


iitsukurotte mo boku no ibasho ha
douse koko shika aru hazu ga nai

even if i sugarcoat it, in the end
this is not the place i should be


fuyu no sora to yoru no kuuki
tsumetasa dake najinde yuku
ato sukoshi de oto ga kieru
torinokosare shizumu you ni

the winter sky and the night air
i’ll just get used to the coldness
and little by little, the noises disappear
i start sinking as i was left behind

僕はと言えば 風も光も
なんて思った ことくらいはあるさ

boku ha to ieba kaze mo hikari mo
shougaibutsu to ninshiki shite iru
sonna kachikan de ikitete ii no?
nante omotta koto kurai wa aru sa

if i were to speak about wind and light;
i’d recognize them as obstacles
is it alright to live with values like that?
that’s more than i thought it was


suki na wake ja nai hazu dakedo
douse dareka ga yaru shika nai no sa

there is no way i like doing this but
i don’t have a choice, someone has got to do it


tomaru kokyuu kono shunkan ni
sekai wo tsukami seichi wo nasu
ato sukoshi de kyou mo owaru
hitosuji dake ato wo nokosu

i stop my breath this moment
and try to fathom this world with precision
just a little longer and today will end
leaving but a single mark


iitsukurotte mo boku no ibasho wa
douse koko shika aru hazu ga nai

even if i sugarcoat it, in the end
this is not the place i should be


fuyu no sora to yoru no kuuki
tsumetasa dake najinde yuku
ato sukoshi de oto ga kieru
torinokosare shizumu you ni

the winter sky and the night air
i’ll just get used to the coldness
and little by little, the noises disappear
i start sinking as i was left behind




Circle: 岸田教団 & THE明星ロケッツ (Kishida Kyoudan & THE Akeboshi Rockets)
Arrange: 岸田 (Kishida)
Vocal: ichigo
Album: hack/SLASH
Original Arrangement

i feel so productive these days, it’s awesome.
And again, i have troubles finding a picture for this, sorry~

*カタはつかないぜ: i have not a single clue why it says カタ (kata) in katakana instead of hiragana, that’s why i had to guess where it derives from. i went with 過多 since it fits the content.
*しかない: this also made me wonder; しか…ない (shika…nai) means “only/ just etc”while しかない is “not having a choice” (see also last phrase of the lyrics)
*微笑む神: lit. “a laughing god”
*君の正義を証明して くれる人は現れない: i think して くれる belongs together

kimarikitta sentakushi
douse onaji sa
seorii wa itsu datte
bokura wo uragitte yuku

the choices we made
were always the same in the end
and our theory has always
come to betray us somehow

kanjouron teido dewa kata wa tsukanai ze
nozomu mirai ga aru nara
gisei to kakugo ga hitsuyou da

i cannot use emotional arguments excessively, so
if the desired future does exist
sacrifice and determination are inevitable

waraenai kedo
kimi mo sou omou darou?
sonna mon sa

you’re not smiling but
don’t you think the same?
about those things

yume ya kibou ya gensou dake ja
kakudo ga hitotsu mo tari yashinai
amae mo yurusa mo shin’ai mo
shousha no zeitakuhin de shika nai

dreams and hopes are mere illusions
my determination alone is not enough
overreliance, forgiveness, affection
are not the luxury of a winner alone

subete wo oeteshimau made wa
nani mo shiranai hou ga ii
tochuu keika ni wa imi ga nai
saigo ga ichiban daiji dakara sa

until i have brought everything to a close
i’m better off not knowing anything
even the current process doesn’t matter
because the end is most important

risuku wo aisenai yatsu ni
hohoemu kami wa inai
aitsura tabun dakedo
kanari seikaku warui ze

for those who don’t love the risk
there’s no benevolent god
but they probably have
a pretty fucked up personality

yasashisa de genjou wa ugokanai

kindness will not change the situation we’re in

愛した世界 信じた未来
aishita sekai shinjita mirai
boku ni hitsuyou na mono dewa nai
sasshou ryoku sae areba
daitai wa umaku iku koto ga ooi
subete wo sukuu nante ima sugu
akirameta hou ga ii n ja nai?
tadashii tte koto wa itsu demo
daitai ichiban zankoku dakara sa

the world i loved, the future i believed in
to me, there‘s no need for them anymore
even if i had the power to kill
on the whole, it often went well
but saving everything right now…
shouldn’t we just give it up?
because the “right“ things are
always the cruelest ones

kakujitsu ni itte zutsu tsumiagero
tejun wo mamoru yatsu wo warae
kimi no seigi wo shoumei shite
kureru hito wa arawarenai

i rebuild my certainty one-handedly
while laughing at the guy keeping order
you don’t appear as a person who
could prove his justice to me

subete no genjitsu ni wa
kansei toiu mono ga hataraku
ugokidashita mono wa sugu ni wa
tomarenai mono nanda
kudaranai mono ga nokotte iku
riyuu nante tatta sore dake
taisou na sutoorii nante
kono teido no mono de shika nai kara sa

the entire reality acts as
something called inertia
all of the things that moved have
suddenly become unstoppable
now the boring things will remain
and that‘s the only reason there is
because of this exaggerated story
we don’t have a choice with things on this scale

Egoistic Hero

Pixiv.Fantasia .Fallen.Kings.full.1709403

Egoistic Hero

Circle: 岸田教団 & THE明星ロケッツ
Arrange: 岸田 (Kishida)
Vocal: ichigo
Original Arrangement

Dedicated to a very special person.
I don’t really know which album this is from, i was told it came with the opening of GATE.
Anyways if someone has the full version of this song pleeeaaase send it to me, couldn’t find it anywhere.
Also, a rather liberal translation this time but i’m quite happy with it.

*意味ないよ 変えるんだ: change this a little bit, changed 変えるんだ (go back) into “restore”
*一手で決める覚悟で: i can’t say for sure whether 一手 really means “hand” in this case. anyhow the message stays the same
苦くも辛くもない勝利: is it “a close victory” in english? i actually don’t know how to say it
*かませ: i just assume it derives from (kamasu)
* 鮮やかな: lit. “brilliant”

立てろフラッグを 掲げよう理想と信条を
拘ることさ 我儘に決めていくほうがずっと楽しいから
kokkara koko made ga tadashii tte dareka ga kimeta tte
mitero, eraku mo sugoku mo nai to ima kara shoumei suru kara
tatero furaggu wo kakageyou risou to shinjou wo
kodawaru koto sa wagamama ni kimete iku hou ga zutto tanoshii kara

from here to here, someone has just decided what’s right
look, i’ll prove to you right now that it’s neither great nor brilliant
stand up, i’ll hoist my flag along with my ideals and beliefs
because it’s much more fun being obsessed with the egoism i choose

意味ないよ 変えるんだ
makenai youna ikikata mo aru tte?
ittero, kibou mo yabou mo nai tte kikoeru ze
kawatte iku no wo matsu nante
imi nai yo kaerunda
nagare wo yome saisho no itte de kimeru kakugo de

is there a way of life that won’t make me lose?
i tell you, it doesn’t sound like ‘hope’ or ‘ambition’
i’m still waiting for a change
i want to restore its meaning
reading the flow, i clench my fist and make up my mind

kono gouon ni isso ware wo ushinatte shimae yo
kachi agatte iku jinsei ni
imi nante aru ka wakaranai?
kono gouon ni ware wo ushinatte shimaetara
makeru yori wa mashi datte susumeru sa

i would rather lose myself inside this roar
the life that wins and rises
is meaningful, don’t you know?
if i came to lose myself in this roar then
even moving on is better than giving up

かませブラフを 賭けよう情熱も時間も全部
信じることさ 自分で選んだ 根拠なんていらない
dokkara son datte kirisuteyou to shitatte kamawanai
ike yo, nigaku mo karaku mo nai shouri wo nameterya ii daro
kamase burafu wo kakeyou jounetsu mo jikan mo zenbu
shinjiru koto sa jibun de eranda konkyo nante iranai

from somewhere , even if i threw away my loss, i don’t care
go ahead, it’s alright, taste a victory that’s neither bitter nor close
smash the bluff you bet on, your passion, your time, everything
i myself chose to believe therefore i don’t need any reason

motomenai you ni tte iikikasete sosogenai
son’na no wo ai nante yobenai darou

don’t flood me with persuasions like “you don’t even want it“
i don’t think we could possibly call that “love“

kono gouon ni isso ware wo ushinatte shimae yo
nakushite iku dake no jinsei ni
imi nante aru ka wakaranai?
Kono gouon ni ware wo ushinatte shimaetara
ubau yori wa mashi datte waraeru sa

i would rather lose myself inside this roar
the one life that loses everything,
is meaningful, don’t you know?
if i came to lose myself in this roar then
even laughing it off is better than being deprived

飛び込んで掴むんだ 鮮やかなイメージを
sutaato no aizu wo kinishinai kimi wo dareka ga waratta tte
sutoppu no koe ga kikoenai sono shuuchuu ryoku wo shikarareta tte ii sa
tobikonde tsukamunda azayakana imeeji wo
saa ‘koko kara sekai ga hajimatte iku’ tte

‘nevermind the start signal‘ someone said while smiling at you
but i can‘t hear the voice telling me to stop, even if my concentration was scolded
so i start flying and try to grasp the fleeting images
now, i can say “the world starts right here and now“




Circle: 岸田教団 & THE明星ロケッツ
Arrange: 岸田 (Kishida)
Vocal: ichigo
Album: hack/SLASH
Original Arrangement

uhm..i’m finally back after a week of laziness ^^
All that is missing from hack/SLASH are now 夜空に沈む, Hack&Slash, structure and FF. I’ll say this again, i do not have lyrics for qualia but as soon as i find them, i’ll translate it.

*存在意義: also “meaning of life” =” raison d’être
人の在りようくらい自分で決めていいだろ: ~”rather than having some role models decide for me, i want to decide for myself”
*後出し : actually  後出 is “koushutsu”, but somehow 後出し is read as “atodashi”

hito no ari you kurai jibun de kimete ii daro
tanin no jooku wo honki ni suru dake muda da ze

rather than people’s role models i want to decide for myself
just taking other’s jokes seriously is pointless after all

君の哲学のSlashbeat 刻むように叫べ
kimi no tetsugaku no Slashbeat kizamu you ni sakebe
daitai attereba ii no sa

come on and scream to set your philososphy’s slashbeat
it’d be nice if it happened at all

kotoba dake de sukuwareru toka
boku wa shinjiru ki ga shinai kara

and i can be saved through words alone
because i have no interest in believing

高速のFeeling くだらないStoryLine
完全なTricky 思い出し笑いさ
kousoku no Feeling kudaranai StoryLine
dainashi ni shitara mashi ni naru kamo ne
kanzen na Tricky omoidashi warai sa
tanoshikunai koto wo suru ki wa nai

this fleeting feeling and the crappy story line
it might be better if i just mess it all up
completely tricky, i remember the laughter
i don’t feel like doing something boring

無駄なことってのは 生命の冗長性さ
muda na koto tte no wa seimei no jouchousei sa
fuhitsuyou demo an’i ni kirisutete wa ikenai
nante iiwake wo maniukerun ja nai ze
hanbun wa hontou nanda kedo

useless things are life’s redundancy
it’s unnecessary but i can’t throw away my carelessness
and i can’t take your excuses seriously anymore
because only half of them are true

tekitou na koto wo itteru dake de
ki ga hareru mon sa

only saying reasonable things
is what makes me liven up

真剣なDistance 無意味なpapercut
完璧なTricky どうでもいいね
shinken na Distance muimi na papercut
anshin saseru you ja mada dame da ne
kanpeki na Tricky dou demo ii ne
sonzai igi ni mo iroiro aru no sa

the serious distance, a meaningless papercut
it’s way too early to rest at ease just yet
absolutely tricky, but i don’t give a damn
my raison d’être is versatile after all

shinyou ga nai kurai wa betsu ni ii
taisetsu na koto wo wasurenai you ni

i don’t have much trust in you, but whatever
i cannot lose sight of what’s important to me

逆説のreliance 反証のreliable
完全なTricky 後出しでもいいさ
gyakusetsu no reliance hanshou no reliable
kasaneawasete iru neko no you ni
kanzen na Tricky atodashi demo ii sa
imi nante wakaranakute mo ii
saisho kara mokuteki suranai kara

paradox reliance, counter-evidence reliable
it is blending in just like a cat
completely tricky, a late explanation but that’s okay
it’s fine even if you don’t understand its meaning
because it didn’t have a purpose from the beginning




Title: インディゴ (indigo)
Circle: 岸田教団 & THE明星ロケッツ
Arrange: 岸田 (Kishida) , ichigo
Vocal: ichigo
Album: hack/SLASH
Original Arrangement

indigo is a purplish-blue colour, for those who don’t know. couldn’t decide whether to choose a picture that fits with the title or the lyrics. The translation isn’t too literal this time, maybe a bit sloppy. sorry about that.

*満たない月: literally “the not waxing moon”
* 道連れ: i don’t think “companion” is literally meant here
*月見ルように想えたなら: i totally have no clue if i got this right
*君なんかって離れる理由を探すのに: lack of pronouns, so it could be either ” a reason for you to leave me” or “a reason to leave you/ to break up”

inochi no mitsudo wo hakaru you ni aishiteta
yorisoenai kakudo de kizutsuku no ni
minamo ni yurarete shizumu mitanai tsuki ga
futari wo terashite

i loved you enough to measure the weight of life
though i did not cling to my position, i got hurt
swaying on the water surface and sinking, the waning moon
shines on the both of us

tooku no hoshizora todokanai kyori ni made
utsukushiku mo nai kyou ni yotte michidzure
minamo ni yurarete shizumu mitanai tsuki ni
kataomoi shite yo boku no sei ni shite

not reaching far into the distance of this starry sky
a companion that intoxicates me on this distasteful banquet
swaying on the water surface and sinking, to the waning moon
my unrequited love, i am to blame

machigai bakari erabi tsudzukete iru
nakitai yoru ni

i only keep chosing what mistakes to make
at night when i want to cry

tsukimiru you ni omoetanara
kotae nante iranai tte ieta hazu sa
te wo hanashite ochiru yume wa
kimi no yubi ni shimitsuita setsunaku fukai ao

if only i could remember so that i can look at the moon
i should have just said i don’t need an answer
after letting go of your hand, the dream i fall into
ingrained into your finger,a deep, painful indigo

kowareta bakari no kakera de te wo kiru
nagameru bakari de kitto ato ni naru

the broken pieces only cut my fingers
just by looking at them, they’ll surely leave scars

kimi nanka tte hanareru riyuu wo sagasu no ni
mata chikadzuite iku, doushitara ii?

i’m searching for a reason for you to leave me and yet
we’re becoming closer again, what should i do?

tsukimiru you ni omoetanara
ima mo sono tokoro ni itadarou ka tte waratte
te wo nobashite ochiru yume wa
kimi no yubi ni shimitsuita hakanaku fukai ao

if i remembered it like watching the moon
why have i been at that place until now, i laugh
after letting go of your hand, the dream i fall into
ingrained into your finger, a deep, endless indigo