Twilight ~Undead Diary~


黄昏 ~Undead Diary~

Title: Twilight ~Undead Diary~
Circle: 六弦アリス (Rokugen Alice)
Vocals: 櫻井アンナ (Sakurai Anna)
Arrange: 六弦A助 (Rokugen Asuke)
Album: 不思議の国の音哲樂 黄昏と永遠
Requested by Eiki. Sooorry it took so long again ._.
I try to be a bit more productive in the future !

*大人に殺された: i know that 大人 (otona) is “adult” but i think that it rather refers to adulthood, how growing up “killed” what she thought was her very own character (e.g. it made her give up on the dreams she had as a child and so on)
*個性の集合体: this sentence left me clueless. no idea what it might be about
*法ができた: 法(hou) is actually “law” but as said above, not sure what it’s about, thus i chose the alternate translation which is “rationality/ reason”

“彼女は殺された 大人に殺された”
“kanojo wa korosareta otona ni korosareta”

“she has been killed, killed by adulthood (adults)“

ママは嘆く 私が笑われるでしょう
teisai wo mamorou to suru mama no tsugou ni makikomare
watashi no kosei wa korosareta
mama wa nageku watashi ga warawareru deshou
soushite watashi no mirai wa ubawareta

caught in the trouble of a mother who tries to keep up appearances
my individuality has been killed
my mother mourns, while i wonder, will i be laughed at
and with that, my future was taken away from me

mukashi wa mama mo watashi no you ni, yume wo egaite ikite itakatta
dakedo otona no tsugou no naka de, itsushika watashitachi wa shinde ita

long ago my mother was just like me, wanting to chase her dreams
but under adults‘ circumstances, we would probably be dead sooner or later

ubawareta kosei wo torimodose
kono sekai ni watashi wa hitori shika inai no dakara
ubawareta mirai wo torimodose
watashi no jinsei wa ichido kiri nano dakara

I’ll take back the stolen individuality
because i cannot be the only one in this world
I’ll take back the stolen future
because it is the only life that i have

kosei no shuugoutai wo taishuu to shi, sore wo kanri suru tame ni hou ga dekita

a cluster of personalities set to the masses, rationality was able to take care of that

onaji ishi no moto ni tousotsu sare, watashi wa itsushika shinde shimatta
soredemo nanika no tame ni,
watashi wa ima demo koushite ikite iru no kamo shirenai

leading to the origin of the same intention, i will certainly die sooner or later
and yet, for the sake of anything
i might be still living this way even now, who knows

hontou wa dare mo kodomo no you ni, yume wo egaite ikite itakatta
dakedo jibun no tsugou no naka de, itsushika watashitachi wa akiramete ita

but truth is, everyone wanted to live life chasing dreams like a child
however within everyone’s personality, at some point we had already given up on it

7 thoughts on “Twilight ~Undead Diary~

  1. No problem, daer! Happy I got to see, haha ^^
    Anyways, I have a few more request to you:
    1. Empty Hearts by CODE-49 (
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    Yeah, I know this is quite much, but don’t hurry with them ^^

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