stilled life


stilled life

Circle: Janet (じゃねっと亭)
Vocal, Lyrics:  ななせ(Nanase)
Arrange: じゃねっと (Janet)
Album: 夢の通い路
Comiket 81
東方神霊廟 ~ Ten Desires , デザイアドライブ (Desire Drive), Kaku Seiga’s Theme

To my dearest friend,
i dedicate you this song today and write you some lines. I just wanted to say thank you for being there for me though you were so far, for accepting me the way i am (including all my idiotic plans), for all the times you made me laugh, for all the times you gave me courage (and didn’t even know that you did), for letting me mess with you, for simply being my friend. Thank you.
Happy birthday!

Probably a very personal translation this time, sorry ’bout errors.
*その息 : actually “your breath”, but i think it fits the song better if the pronoun here is “i/ my”
*君は初めの台詞を: “story-wise”, i think this refers to the very first time the two people met, that’s why it says 初め (first)
*泣き笑い: “Laughing while crying”
*最低の鬼さん: “i’m the lowest demon” – ” i’m the worst”
*だなんて: not sure how to put this, i think it indicates (indirect) speech

kurai yoru mukaeru sono tabi ni kimi no
kokoro wo taguritakute
kurikaeshita nandomo sono tabi ni kimi wa

every time you welcomed the dark night, i wanted
to reel in your heart

every time, you did it over and over again

「お上手。 お粗末様。
“ojouzu. osomatsusama.
tane mo shikake mo nai tejina ja
hito no kimochi wa ugokanai no ni ne
warawanai mama de itta“

“flattery. don’t mention it!
it’s a magic without any tricks or secrets
if only it wouldn’t move people’s feelings, right?
you said with a straight face“

nee nee, sono iki wo tometara
boku no mono ni naru no kana?
seizei koukai shitainara douzo, to waratte
mourou to shita yume ga samete
kimi wa hajime no serifu wo
toutou to boku ni tsugetanda
mita koto mo nai egao de

hey, hey, if i just hold my breath
i wonder, could you become mine?
‘if you want to regret it, go ahead‘, you laugh
when i woke up from this dim dream
you finally told me
that line from when we first met
with a smile i have never seen before

kurai asa mukaeru sono tabi ni kimi wa
hajime no serifu wo mata
kurikaeshita nandomo sono tabi ni boku wa
nakiwarai wo kakushita

every time you welcomed the dark morning, you
repeated that line from when we first met
every time, again and again, i busily hid my
tears while trying to laugh

saitei no onisan wa kochira
te wo nobashita sugata ga kokkei de
dakishimete hoshii? da nante

and i am the lowest demon,
a comical figure reaching out its hand,
saying, ‘i’d like you to hug me‘

nee nee, mou ichido me wo tojite
kimi no koto wasuretai yo
karakara to mujaki ni waratta
ijiwaru wa docchi?
nee nee mou ichido me ga samete
kimi mo boku mo kiereba ii

hey, hey, if i close my eyes once more
i want to forget about you,
your bright and innocent laughter
who is the cruel one now?
hey, hey, when open up my eyes again
can we both just disappear?

tane mo shikake mo aru mo orokana
kyou mo asa wa tsuzuite iku

those tricks and secrets are foolish
today and tomorrow will continue


“good morning“


” i love you”

‘mada ikiterunda?’

“am i still alive?”

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