Worldly Melancholy


Worldly Melancholy

Title: 現世メランコリイ (Utsushiyo merankorii) / This world/worldly melancholy
Circle: MisteryCircle
Vocal: 西村ちさと
Arrange & Lyrics: YOUKI
Album: 現世メランコリイ
上海紅茶館 ~ Chinese Tea / Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea

My first thought about the translation “oh, gensei melancholy“. Nope. It’s in fact “utsushiyo“.
Not that it matters though :) Nothing much to say this time.

I hope you all know that i am actually a big fan of enjambements, in case you didn’t notice yet.

*知れど: wasn’t too sure about this form as i have never heard of the ending form
*其の果ては何処: “the end” as in the end of longing for more
*憂世: is read as “ukiyo”, not “yuusei” (in this case)

写し鏡 届かぬ声
夢幻 貴方の言葉も
纏わりつく 現し世の瀬に
Utsushi kagami todokanu koe
yumemaboroshi anata no kotoba mo
matsuwari tsuku utsushiyo no se ni
sadame to shiredo

reflected in the mirror, the voice doesn’t reach
even your phantasmagorical words
follow hard on me, to the depths of this world
knowing this is fate

罪はその身 その思考さえ
Tsumi wa sono mi sono shikou sae
fukaku izanau

sin is deeply tempting that body
as well as that mind

yukedo yukedomo rin’ne no
hazama ni yurameiteru
watashi no me wo kumorasete
nani mo mitakunai no

no matter what i do, i’m shaken
in the rift of reincarnation
and it is clouding my eyes
i don’t want to see anything anymore

夢だとしても 私は一人
苦しみの中 それが全てと
朱に 闇に 染まればいいと
全て 壊し 狂えばいいと
Yume da to shite mo watashi wa hitori
kurushimi no naka sore ga subete to
aka ni yami ni somareba ii to
subete kowashi kurueba ii to

even if it’s just a dream, i’m all by myself
and inside this agony, that is all there is
I’d rather dye this darkness scarlet
I’d rather crush everything, lose my mind
in this egotism

重なりあう 怠惰な自我
Kasanari au taidana jiga
dare ga rikai shite kureru no deshou

overlapping with this idle ego
who could possibly relate to this

求めたもの 手にしたならば
Motometa mono te ni shita naraba
sono hate wa doko

 if i got in my hands everything i longed for
where‘d be the end of it?

何を壊し 何を愛でて
Nani wo kowashi nani wo medete
ikite iku no deshou

whatever you break, whatever you love
you’ll live on, won’t you

求め続け 壊し続け
Motome tsudzuke kowashi tsudzuke
sore ga ikiru imi

to keep wishing, to keep wrecking
that’s the meaning of life

私を縛る 憂世の縁
極彩色の 現世さえも
朱に 闇に 染まればいいと
全て 壊し 待ち焦がれてる
Watashi wo shibaru ukiyo no enishi
gokusaishiki no utsushiyo sae mo
aka ni yami ni somareba ii to
subete kowashi machikogareteru
utsushiyo merankorii

what binds me is the karma of this sad world
along with its brilliant colours
I’d rather dye this darkness scarlet
I’m aching for everything to be destroyed
this world melancholy

夢だとしても 私は一人
苦しみ求め 幸せなの?
Yumeda to shite mo watashi wa hitori
kurushimi motome shiawasena no?

 even if it’s just a dream, i’m all by myself
longing for agony, is that really happiness ?

Suffering would call a new pain.
It’s what was asked of you.
What lies ahead of the pain.
It is what was asked of you.
I can not even feel it touch also be viewed.
But let’s move you to take death.
You’re like a broken doll.
All in your consciousness.

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