Habits’ Cage


Habits’ Cage
Shushu no Ori / シュシュの檻

Title: Shushu no Ori / シュシュの檻 (Habits’ Cage)
Circle: MisteryCircle
Lyrics: 久遠ゆん
Arrange: YOUKI
Vocal: 西村ちさと
Album: 現世メランコリイ
Original Arrangement

It’s summer and i have nothing to do. Lots of time but the songs left to translate are running out, thats why here i am saying: feel free to request something!
But now, storytelling time ! :D
Once, there was a man, watching a rabbit running into a tree stump, breaking its neck in the process.
The man sits down, waiting for another rabbit to run into the stump,thus repeating the previous.
This is called 守株 (shushu) which describes an old, nonsensical habit ( literally ” custody of a stump”), and here you have the story behind this song, which basically describes ” being caught in old habits”.

The songtext plays with words a lot and has similar phrase structures in every verse, however i couldnt always keep it like that.

*その牙: literally “those fangs”, i am not sure whether this refers to a 2nd person (“you”) besides the speaker/singer
*四肢を引き裂き束ねて生きる: i couldn’t really make much of this, thats why it’s very literal
*今生無情 往生不浄 : as you can see, here we have two pairs of words and not 4 single words: because it is written like this i assume that the first two and the last two words go together
* 趣向: literally “thought, idea, plan”. what is meant is a “new plan”, thus -> “change”
*欲心: i translated this as “greed”, but could also mean “desire, lust”
*哀哭に傳き仕え 膿んだ手足も繋げて生きる: no clue here either.
*私はシュシュの檻よ: literally ” i am habits’ cage”, i added “caught in” in brackets


iki wo hisomete kitai wo oshikoroshita

i hide my breath as i choke my hopes and dreams


 abakarete iku karada wa kooru garasu
tokarete iku kokoro ni ienai ato

being exposed, my body freezes just like glass
leaving incurable scars on my unchained heart


 seijaku no mukou ni koukotsu wo motomete
sono kiba wo hikarase shita namezuru mono

beyond this silence, i’m longing for ectsasy
licking those lips as i flash my fangs

私の腕に抱かれて眠れ 四肢を引き裂き束ねて生きる

watashi no ude ni dakarete nemure shishi wo hikisaki tabanete ikiru

embraced and sleeping in my arms, as my limbs are torn apart i live bundled

今生無情 往生不浄 騙されて
性状非情 厚情波状 怨まれて

konjou mujou oujou fujou damasarete
seijou hijou koujou hajou uramarete

this ruthless life, impure death deceive me
cruel nature, undulating kindness resent me


sobieru shushu no ori yo

the cage of habits rises


moreru aegi wa aseri wo shitataraseru

gasping for breath, my impatience is spilling over


omoishiru no wa urei wo himeta shisen
taeshinobu no wa kawaki ni moeru shukou

in my heart i know that your gaze hides sorrow
as you endure this burning thirst for change


haitoku no kanata de yokushin ni mamirete
sono tsume wo migaite takaku hoeru mono

beyond the immorality, everything‘s tainted with greed
grinding those claws as i howl from the bottom of my throat

 I’m off ——

哀哭に傳き仕え 膿んだ手足も繋げて生きる

aikoku ni kashizuki tsukae unda teashi mo tsunagete ikiru

serving, waiting on in grief, even if my limbs suppurate i live connected

潜心過信 放心異心 囚われて
迫真無心 終審不信 縛られて

senshin kashin houshin ishin torawarete
hakushin mushin shuushin fushin shibararete

overrated devotion, treacherous abstraction imprison me
innocent truthfulness, disbelief as last resort chain me


watashi wa shushu no ori yo

i’m (caught in) habits‘ cage

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