breaking me softly


breaking me softly

Arrange: 隣人 (Linjin)
Lyrics: 隣人  (Linjin)
Vocal: itori (絃鳥)
Album: Dead man’s hand  ( C79)

東方萃夢想 ~ Immaterial and Missing Power

As requested by Eiki. Here you go ~

*: でもね : this (ne) is repeated quite often, it can be translated as ‘isn’t it/ doesn’t it?’ but to me it sounds more childish with the “hey,you know..” which rather sounds like what Suika would say
数褪せて: 数 literally is “number” but that didn’t fit into context but i guess it means something like “one by one” in abstract words
*あまり: had massive troubles with this, i hope it’s at least a bit accurate the way i put it
*: 痛い だから優しい声がして: the だから (dakara) actually means ‘that’s why’. But imo ‘it hurts that’s why i hear…’ doesn’t make sense.


ああ 水辺に 映った 影みたい
ああ 隠した ものまで 映るみたい
でもね 言葉に したらね ダメみたい
ああ すぐにね ぼやけて しまうみたい

aa mizube ni utsutta kage mitai
aa kakushita mono made utsuru mitai
demo ne kotoba ni shitara ne dame mitai
aa sugu ni ne boyakete shimau mitai

ah, like a shadow mirrored at the waterside
ah, like reflecting even hidden things
but, you know, if i put it into words, it’s no good
ah, hey, suddenly it’s like everything‘s blurred

広がる空の影も 移ろいで
想う君の姿 数褪せて
遠い景色 ほほえむあまり
震える 向かい風

Hirogaru sora no kage mo utsuroi de
omou kimi no sugata kazu asete
tooi keshiki hohoemu amari
furueru mukaikaze

the shadows of the sky are spreading in a change
i remember how your figure slowly faded
above the far scenery where you smiled
the headwind is trembling

見つめる鳥の声 信じてた
さまよう風 見つけたのなら
重なる 月の色

Toke dasu hana no iro wo tojikomete
mitsumeru tori no koe shinjiteta
samayou kaze mitsuketa no nara
kasanaru tsuki no iro

i lock up the colours of the melting flowers
i believe in the voices of the birds i look up to
if i find the wandering wind
the colours of the moon will overlap

ああ 言葉が 誘った 棘みたい
ああ 信じた ものまで 傷つけて
でもね 心を 信じて 叫びたい
ああ すぐにね 届けて みたいのに

aa kotoba ga sasotta toge mitai
aa shinjita mono made kizutsukete
demo ne kokoro wo shinjite sakebitai
aa sugu ni ne todokete mitai no ni

ah, the words are like alluring thorns
ah, i finally realize what i believe in
but, you know, i want to scream ‘i trust in my heart‘
ah,hey, it seems like i can reach you in an instant

届けたいその影も 今は昔
触れる君の声も 色褪せて
ありがとうと 悲しむあまり
震える 向かい風

Todoketai sono kage mo ima wa mukashi
fureru kiminokoe mo iroasete
arigatou to kanashimu amari
furueru mukaikaze

even the shadows i wanted to convey are now past
even your shaking voice is fading
above all the ‘thank yous’ and sadness
the headwind is trembling

このまま花の香り たずさえて
優しい 風 受け止めたなら
彩る 月の色

Kono mama hana no kaori tazusaete
habataku tori yori mo sora takaku
yasashii kaze uketometa nara
irodoru tsuki no iro

this way, i can carry the flowers‘ scent with me
higher into the sky than the fluttering birds
if i take in the gently blowing wind
the colours of the moon will turn

指先で描く 鮮やかな今

demo wakarudeshou
yubisaki de kaku azayakana ima
koboreochite mo iro wo nasu yo
tsutanai moji no you ni

but you understand, don’t you?
brilliantly drawing the present with your fingers
creating a colour while dripping
like a clumsily drawn letter

このまま僕の声 重ねたら
どこまででも 褪せることなく

Kono mama kiminokoe ni yorisotte
kono mama boku no koe kasanetara
doko made demo aseru koto naku
kyou wo atsumete ikou

this way, i can hold your voice close
this way, even if it overlaps with mine
wherever it reaches, it won’t ever fade
let’s bring today together

砕けた月の声を今 抱きしめて
遠い だけど優しい声がして

Kudaketa tsuki no koe wo ima dakishimete
tooi idakedo yasashii koe ga shite

now i embrace the voice of a broken moon
it’s still far , but i hear a gentle voice

砕けた君の声を今 抱きしめて
痛い だから優しい声がして

kudaketa kimi no koe o ima dakishimete
itai dakara yasashii koe ga shite

now i embrace the voice of the collapsed you
it hurts, because i hear a gentle voice…


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