Wheel of Fortune


Alstroemeria Records – Wheel Of Fortune

Vocal: 綾倉盟 (Mei Ayakura)
Arrange: Syrufit
Circle: Alstroemeria Records
Lyrics: 綾倉盟 (Mei Ayakura)
Album: Plastik World
Comiket 77
Original: The Last Judgement
東方怪綺談 ~ Mystic Square, stage 5 themePicture from ちもち (Chimochi) on pixiv

Didn’t I promise Syrufit?
Ah anyways i’ve been wondering how this song hasn’t already been translated, it’s really catchy and so nice much beat wow :O
Have to admit this was a pain to translate but yay at least i got it done…

*何よりも偉大な あなたの元 (nani yori mo idai na anata no moto): I honestly don’t understand this phrase at all and I apologize for mistakes because it sounds horrible
紅く染められ akaku somerare: every first word of the phrases of the refrain are repeated four times each except あるはず and 見届ける so basically it’s “akaku akaku akaku akaku somerare” which was not written in the lyrics but is definitely sung. I think this is symbolizing the “wheel of fortune” from greek/roman mythology goddess Tyche/ Fortuna and the wheel basically spinning and going “round and round again and again”
*見届ける: with the meaning of “witnessing”

時は来た 終わりの始まりから
手を引かれ 優しい光の先
薄暗い部屋には 揺れる陽炎
目覚めた時から 幸せでした

toki wa kita owari no hajimari kara
te wo hikare yasashii hikari no saki
usugurai heya ni wa yureru kagerou
mezameta toki kara shiawase deshita

time has come since the beginning of the end
my hands are drawn towards a gentle light
a heat haze swaying in this dim room
since i awakened i have been fortunate

静けさと温度が 重なる時
何よりも偉大な あなたの元
側にいる許しを 得られた事の
誇りに代わりは あるのでしょうか?

shizukesa to ondo ga kasanaru toki
nani yori mo idai na anata no moto
soba ni iru yurushi wo erareta koto no
hokori ni kawari wa aru no deshou ka?

when silence and temperature overlap
the forgiveness i obtained at your side
from you who is of an origin greater than anything
is there an alternative to pride, i wonder

凍てつく 囁きは
また 近づく

hisomu kage
itetsuku sasayaki ha
togire togire
mata chikaduku
kareru koe
zutto mamotte kita basho

the lurking shadows
a cold whisper
coming to a halt
approaching again
my voice became hoarse
the place i’ve always protected
don’t harm it

見届ける今 そのままを

akaku somerare
shizuku wa namida
ochiru shiroi hane
aru hazu no hikari wa doko ni
tomaru kotonaku
meguru rinne ni
subete yudaneyou
mitodokeru ima sono mama wo

dyed in crimson
the tears i cry
white feathers are falling down
where’s the light that should be
without ever stopping
in the repeating circle of life and death
i entrust everything
and keep on watching just like this

初めから 終わりは変わらぬ事実(こと)
願っても叶わぬ 強がりより
何よりも弱いと 気付いたのです
このままではその手を 掴めない

hajime kara owari wa kawaranu koto
negatte mo kanawanu tsuyogari yori
nani yori mo yowai to kizuita no desu
kono mama de wa sono te wo tsukamenai

since the beginning the end is unchanging
even if i pray, i’m unable to withstand this bluff
more than anything i realize how weak i am
i cannot grasp your hand like this


unmei wa
umareta setsuna kara
hitsuzenka, to
dare ga tou no?
zutto mamotte kita basho
kegasanaide, to

from this moment
a fate was born
Whether it is a necessity,
who is asking ?
repeating again
the place i’ve always protected
“i wont let you stain it!“      

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