Exaella Anime Opening

Exaella Anime Opening

Vocal: Akari Yamamoto
Music & Lyrics: Andrew Oudot

So, i’ve never really watched the anime. I just saw the OP on youtube a few years ago and i thought it’s quite cool.
Tried to translate it then but had to redo it so here goes~
(Lyrics are taken from the official website. If the creator of this song wants it taken down, i will do so.)

(Didn’t I promise Kishida Kyoudan a week ago? Well, i’m lazy but i’m halfway through flantic night. there’s an important exam coming up next week but i’ll try to finish it)

*kuragari : with the meaning of gloom
*mukou ga wa: i believe this is not a full sentence, it’s kind of cut off

kurayami no – doukoku ga
oto mo naku – ugomeku kodou
kanashimi to – negau koe
tozasareta – sora ni wa kibou

the lament in the darkness
is a heartbeat squirming without a sound
the sadness and the longing voice
are shut away- there’s hope in the sky

sasayaki wo kimi wa kokoro ni kanjiru
soshite dareka no tobira wo mitsukeru
ai no omoide to kiroku no kakera to
tsumetai umi no kioku ni shizunde

feel the whispers in your heart
and you’ll find someone’s door
loving memories and fragments of the chronicles
are sinking within the reminiscence of a cold ocean

doukoku no – kurushimi to
kakenukeru – sora ni wa kibou
denshi no rakuen – tomeru tame ni
kokoro kara – kuragari wo oshinagasu

the pain of a lament
is passing by – there’s hope in the sky
to stop the electronic paradise
from the heart, i sweep away the dark

kono sekai no mukou de
ashioto ga kikoe omoidasu
genjitsu de aru to shinji, demo
mada ima wa, mukou gawa

on the other side of this world
i remember hearing the footsteps
i believe this to be the reality but
now, still, the other side is-

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